Annual Leave

The University of North Alabama provides eligible nonteaching faculty and staff employees, annual leave for the purpose of affording employees a refreshing rest from the work routine, thereby creating a higher degree of job efficiency and effectiveness.

Accrual of Annual Leave

Annual leave is accrued for each hour worked. The accrual is added to the employee’s balance each time the employee’s payroll check is processed. Full accrual is 80 work hours (10 workdays) at the employee's regular rate of pay for each 52-week period worked during the first 2 years of employment. After completion of 2 years of continuous service, eligible employees are entitled to 12 days of annual leave and, for each additional year of service, annual leave is increased by one day per year to a maximum of 20 days after 10 years. The full accrual schedule is as follows:


Length of Service

Annual Accrual

Bi-Weekly Accrual Hours

Monthly Accrual Hours

Up to 2 years

10 days



After 2 years

12 days



After 3 years

13 days



After 4 years

14 days



After 5 years

15 days



After 6 years

16 days



After 7 years

17 days



After 8 years

18 days



After 9 years

19 days



After 10 years

20 days




The employee's years of employment for increased annual leave credits are computed on the basis of continuous and uninterrupted employment, beginning with the employee's most recent date of employment.

Provisional employees are not entitled to use annual leave until the end of the 90-day provisional period.

An employee earns annual leave credit for all of the time that he/she is considered to be in active pay status, which includes but is not limited to: (a) normal work hours, (b) paid annual leave, (c) paid sick leave, (d) paid jury duty leave, and (e) paid military leave.


Usage of Annual Leave

All employees are encouraged to make maximum use of their annual leave. Annual leave may be taken at any time during the year, in accordance with departmental restrictions and with prior approval of the employee's supervisor and department head or chair.


Planning and Taking of Annual Leave

A day for annual leave purposes is considered an eight-hour day for full-time regular employees and the actual hours the employee was scheduled to work for part-time regular employees. An employee's supervisor has the responsibility and authority to approve the time during which leave may be taken. The employee and supervisor must work together to schedule leave that benefits the department and the employee.

To the extent possible, an employee should request prior approval of annual leave from his/her immediate supervisor. An employee should confirm the time he/she wishes to use for vacation at least two weeks in advance to assure that the absence will interfere as little as possible with the work of the department. Annual leave may be used to take classes during the workday if approved by the supervisor.

If advance approval cannot be obtained and leave is required due to emergency conditions, the employee should notify his/her supervisor by telephone as soon as possible after the beginning of the workday on the day the employee is due to report for work. The leave should be reported upon the return of the employee to work.

Retroactive approval may be granted when emergency circumstances warrant; however, merely reporting an absence does not necessarily result in favorable action. Failure to secure the proper prior approval may result in the period being charged to leave without pay.


Reporting Annual Leave

It is the responsibility of the immediate supervisor to ensure that employees taking annual leave accurately report such leave and to approve reported leave in a timely fashion. Any abuse of leave is a serious offense.

For exempt employees, annual leave is reported on the electronic monthly leave report contained in Self Service Banner. Once an exempt employee submits a leave report, his/her supervisor receives an email advising him/her to approve the leave report. Non-exempt employees submit leave on the electronic bi-weekly timesheet submitted through Self Service Banner as a part of the payroll process. Supervisory approval is required for bi-weekly time and leave approval as well, and supervisors should receive an email when a non-exempt employee submits a timesheet.


Advanced Annual Leave

Upon the recommendation of the supervisor, eligible employees may be authorized to take small amounts of annual leave in advance of earning said leave under emergency conditions, not to exceed 40 hours in a year. Employees working less than 40 hours per week are authorized advanced annual leave on a prorated basis. Any annual leave time taken in advance, but not repaid with earned leave, must be repaid upon separation of employment.


Annual Leave Carry-Over

Not more than 200 hours of annual leave are cumulative beyond December 31 of any year. The only exception is for the convenience of the University and by prior approval.

Should an employee have an accrued, unused annual leave balance of over 200 hours on December 31, the number of leave hours over 200 will be subtracted from the employee’s annual leave balance and will be added to his/her sick leave balance* effective January 1 of each year.

An employee's annual leave balance is recorded on his/her monthly or bi-weekly paycheck stub. The leave balance may also be obtained by accessing the Self Service Banner Employee tab.


Payment for Annual Leave

An employee whose employment with the University ends for any reason receives a payoff of his/her unused, accrued annual leave balance. The payoff is based upon the employees rate of pay at the time of his/her separation. The maximum number of hours that will be paid off is 320. Payment for accrued annual leave will not be made until the Campus Clearance process has been completed. Lump sum annual leave payments shall not be deemed to extend the employee's recognized service with the University.

If a person transfers from a position offering annual leave to one that does not offer annual leave, the employee is paid for accumulated days or is asked to take all or part of the accumulated leave.

In the case of an employee’s death, his/her beneficiary is paid for all accrued annual leave.


General Annual Leave Policies

Should scheduled annual leave include a holiday period, the employee is not charged annual leave for the holiday(s). However, the approved leave period is not automatically extended as a result of the holiday.

Annual leave cannot be converted to sick leave but may be taken in lieu of sick leave or when sick leave is exhausted. Furthermore, if an employee is on annual leave and a death within the immediate family, or other events qualifying for sick leave occur, the leave period may be counted against sick leave at the request of the employee. The approved annual leave period does not automatically extend as a result of the sick leave period.

If an employee is terminated during the provisional period, he/she is not entitled to payment for any accrued annual leave.

An employee may request leave without pay in order to preserve his/her accrued leave (to "freeze leave"). If the employee elects to freeze his/her leave, he/she has technically gone on leave without pay and is not entitled to accrue leave until he/she returns to work.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches are not eligible for annual leave.

*Although there is no maximum sick leave balance an employee can accrue, upon retirement or separation, the Teacher’s Retirement System will not recognize a sick leave balance more than or equal to one day per month of continuous employment. For example, if an employee retires with 40 years of service, the TRS will recognize no more than 480 days, or 3,840 hours, of sick leave (40 years X 12 months = 480 days or 3,840 hours).


Approved by Executive Council: 11-14-2011.

Approved by Faculty/Staff Welfare Committee: 04-25-2011