OSP: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The OSP will renegotiate contractual terms and conditions as needed. The PI, College Dean, and Department Chair will be consulted.
  • It is the combined responsibility of the PI and OSP to insure that the award document does not contain terms and special conditions to which the University cannot comply. When an award is received, a Sponsored Project administrator will review the terms and conditions of the award prior to director signature. If necessary, the administrator will negotiate changes to the terms and conditions. If there are terms and conditions regarding confidentiality, publication or other items that may impact individuals working on the project, the PI will be contacted and consulted prior to signing the award document. If the scope of work and budget in the award appear to be substantially the same as what was proposed by the PI, OSP will move forward with signature and send a fully executed agreement to the PI. If the award significantly changes any budgetary or scope of work provisions, the PI must concur with the new terms prior to signature.
  • OSP will monitor for sponsored project rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies. When needed, OSP will obtain clarification or interpretation of the sponsor requirements to serve as the source of information to other University offices and personnel involved with OSP.
  • OSP will secure signatures for award acceptance. Award acceptance requires the signature of the President or the Vice President, Business and Financial Affairs.