Livestream Guidelines

  • Commencement (Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • Convocation
  • Awards Ceremonies
    • UNA Awards Gala
    • Homecoming Awards (Alumni)
  • Annual Faculty / Staff Meeting


Tyler live streaming
  1. Tap the “live” button at the top of your feed, next to where you would write a status update.
  2. Give Facebook access to your camera and microphone.
  3. Hit “live” again at the bottom of your screen
  4. Choose your privacy and posting settings
    1. “Only me”
    2. “Post, story”
    3. “Public” (recommended)
  5. Write a short description
    1. This is what will show up on people’s News Feeds and let them know what you are livestreaming!
  6. Tag friends, choose location, or add an activity
    1. Adding some of these details can increase discoverability of your video.
    2. We recommend tagging the UNA Facebook account and adding a campus location that is appropriate to your livestream.
  7. Set your camera’s orientation
    1. Before you hit “start live video”, be sure you are using the correct camera on your mobile device (front-facing or rear-facing)
    2. To change which camera: hit the rotating arrows icon at the top of your screen
  8. Click the “Start Live Video” button to begin broadcasting.
    1. You will then see a countdown starting from 3 before your livestream begins, your video will begin to appear on newsfeeds just like a regular post.
  9. Click “Finish” to end your livestream.
    1. After clicking finish, post your replay to your feed so that people can see it after you’ve stopped broadcasting.
  • Start your livestream 2-3 minutes before your event begins to give people a chance to find it on your page and join
  • Facebook limits livestreams to a max length of 90 minutes, be sure to keep this in mind if your stream is going to reach this time limit.
    • Consider restarting the livestream at a natural break in your program, such as an intermission
  • Increase engagement by interacting with people on the stream
    • Consider responding to comments on your livestream, especially those that are asking relevant questions about your event
    • It may be easier to have a second person answering comments from a desktop so the person recording can focus
    • Keep your camera steady, and have another person view your livestream from their mobile device to ensure that everything is working properly