Research Partnerships

Interested in Creating a Research Partnership with the SBSRC?

If you are a community organization and are interested in the SBSRC performing an external evaluation of your agency due to a policy change consideration or as a requirement for state or federal grant funding please contact the SBSRC. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with your agency.

Current Partnerships

Lauderdale County Domestic Violence Unit
Established in 2011, specially trained law enforcement officers review and follow-up on all reported incidents of domestic violence. Cases are reviewed to more quickly identify high rate offenders and high rate victims and provide coordinated intervention efforts towards these individuals. The Unit also handles cases in which parties have requested Protection from Abuse (PFA) orders against another party. The Domestic Violence Unit is located at One Place of the Shoals.

One Place of the Shoals, Inc.
Established in 2014, provides services to victims and survivors of rape, domestic violence, elder abuse, sexual assault and child abuse. One Place of the Shoals, Inc. uses the Family Justice Center model to provide “one place” for victims to talk to an advocate, plan for their safety, receive medical assistance, interview with law enforcement, meet with lawyers, receive information on shelters and get assistance with transportation.