Yaschica Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Sociology and Family Studies

Ph.D.     2006     Sociology             Western Michigan University
M.S.      1999     Criminal Justice     University of Alabama
B.A.      1996     Criminal Justice      University of Alabama

Mixed Methods

  • Quantitative methods (e.g., surveys) and analysis (e.g., descriptive, correlational, multiple regression).
  • Qualitative methods (e.g., focus groups, interviews, content analysis).
  • Dr. Williams also conducts program evaluations.

Project Title: Student Campus Climate Survey
Collaborators: Dr. Amber Paulk and Dr. Andrea Hunt
Project Description: The purpose of the survey is to provide UNA with critical information regarding our campus climate, campus resources, and experiences of our students. The responses from this survey will aid in the development of effective programs to prevent sexual assault and interpersonal violence in our community, as well as enhance our support services when sexual assault and interpersonal violence occur.
Seeking Research Assistants: No
Seeking Participants: Yes

  • All UNA students are eligible to participate in the study. However, in accordance with Alabama state law, students who are under 19 years of age must receive consent from a parent or legal guardian to participate.

Project Title: An Examination of Parenting Practices, Peer Influence, School Experience, and Religiosity on Adolescent Victimization, Risk-Taking, and Delinquent Behavior.
Collaborators: Dr. Chris Purser and Dr. Andrea Hunt.
Project Description: This is a study of young people living in impoverished communities in Mobile, AL. The survey is a community-based, multiple cohort longitudinal study with data collected on youth from 9-19 years old. The purpose of the survey is to study the etiology of risk behaviors among adolescents living in extreme poverty and to study how contextual factors (e.g., family and school) affect the risk of behaviors and the actual behaviors themselves.
Seeking Research Assistants: Yes
Seeking Participants: No