Campus Update from President Kitts - April 3, 2020

Dear Colleagues:

This afternoon, Governor Kay Ivey issued the attached Stay at Home order to help curtail the spread of the coronavirus in our communities.  This order expands on previous directives from the Governor and State Health Director that have dealt with this same topic.

The new order takes effect at 5:00pm tomorrow, April 4, and extends through April 30.  During this time, we will demonstrate compliance by asking that work on campus be limited to those employees deemed essential for current operations.  The designation of a unit or individual employee as essential rests with the Executive Council member in charge of the division and will be communicated through normal supervisory channels.  Unless you are told that your function has been so designated, you should plan to work from home in the coming weeks.  Please contact your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources if you have specific questions regarding these new restrictions.

This guidance should not be interpreted so strictly as to prohibit faculty or staff from making a brief trip to campus to pick up office items needed to support remote instruction or other work being done from home.  Moreover, outdoor areas on campus remain open and accessible during daylight hours.  The Governor’s order specifically allows for outdoor activity as long as previously announced social distancing guidelines are followed.  Even so, we have decided to temporarily close campus to unaccompanied visitors during the overnight hours in order to better protect those students still living in the residence halls and to enhance the security of our facilities.  This after-hours prohibition does not apply to faculty, staff, or students – but, again, we urge all parties to use good judgment in making decisions about travel to campus and interaction with others.

I hope you find this information useful.   Please take care and be safe!

Ken Kitts