Campus Update from President Ken Kitts - March 19, 2020


Campus colleagues:

This afternoon, Governor Kay Ivey issued a Statewide Health Order detailing certain emergency measures taken with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak.   That release has given rise to questions regarding UNA operations over the coming days and weeks.   We believe that our current plans and protocols, both for limited campus operations and online learning, are consistent with the Governor’s directive, and that no change is necessary in the work schedule for tomorrow and for the week following spring break.  If we find out otherwise, we will adjust as necessary and share additional directions with the campus community. 

Please remember that we continue to have many students living on our campus, some of whom have no alternative accommodation and are dependent on us for essential services.   Moreover, we remain obligated to support our faculty in the transition to the online environment so that students can complete their spring courses on time.  

As a result of this action by the Governor, we are accelerating the timeline on the decision to continue in the online environment for the remainder of spring semester.   That decision will be forthcoming as early as tomorrow.

Ken Kitts

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