Study Abroad

European (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) Study Abroad

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior, and all behavior occurs within a cultural context. Placing yourself in an unfamiliar cross-cultural context through study abroad will certainly enhance participants understanding of psychology.

During the 2017 Summer semester, faculty and students traveled to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to study the modern development of the field of psychology (tracing our roots to 1879 in Leipzig, Germany) and the individual, social, environmental, and cultural influences on the development of good and evil behaviors.

Our students also conducted research while abroad on developing intercultural competence and the social psychology concept of construals. Data from these research projects will be presented at local and regional conferences in the upcoming year.

Interested in study abroad? Talk to a faculty member about future study abroad opportunities with the Department of Psychology!

To see some additional pictures from our trip, check out the video below: