Dr. Ryan M. Zayac

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Ryan Zayac

Ph.D.   Experimental Psychology, Auburn University

M.S.    Experimental Psychology, Auburn University

B.S.     Neuroscience/Psychology, Allegheny College

Office: Wesleyan Hall 206
Phone: 256-765-4224

Certifications: Board Certified Behavior Analyst- Doctoral (BCBA-D)  #1-06-3123

Courses Typically Taught at UNA:

  • PY 201 General Psychology
  • PY 321 Learning
  • PY 350 Adult Development & Aging
  • PY 425 History & Systems of Psychology
  • PY 455 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
  • PY 456 Research Methods & Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • PY 457 Behavioral Interventions
  • PY 458 Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis

Research Interests

My main focus is on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). I also have interests in behavioral programming for college students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the use of behavior analytic techniques to increase pro-environment behaviors on college campuses.

Current research projects include:

  • Examining the cultural differences of faculty and students’ perceptions of behaviors and characteristics of “master” teachers.
  • Assessing the prevalence, advantages, and disadvantages of using a disability support service committee when reviewing post-secondary students’ requests for accommodations.
  • Examining undergraduate research experiences from students’ and mentors’ perspectives.

Recent Publications

Zayac, R. M. & Lenhard, W. (in press). Characteristics of master teachers: German university students’ perceptions of high quality instruction. New Directions in Teaching and Learning

Pettit, M.*, Paulk, A., Hunt, A., Williams, Y., & Zayac. R. (in press). Rape myth acceptance and willingness to intervene: A comparison of Greek-affiliated and non-affiliated college students by gender. International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities.

Zayac, R. M., Ratkos, T., Frieder, J., & Paulk, A. (2016). A comparison of active student responding modalities in a general psychology course. Teaching of Psychology, 43, 43-47.

Zayac, R. M. (2014). Instructor’s resource manual for Scientific American: Psychology by D. M. Licht, M. G., Hull, & C. Ballantyne. New York: Worth Publishers.

Paulk, A., Dowd, D., Zayac, R., Eklund, A., & Kildare, C. (2014). The relationship of culture, geographic region, and gender on body image: A comparison of college students in the Southeast and Pacific Northwest regions of the United States. Sociological Spectrum, 34, 442-452.

Zayac, R. M., & Paulk, A. (2014). Interteaching: Its effects on exams scores in a compressed schedule format. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 14, 1-12.

Recent Presentations

* Denotes undergraduate student advisee     

Ratkos, T., Frieder, J., Zayac, R. M., Donahue, N.*, Paulk, A., & Ware, M.* (2017, May). Essential readings for undergraduate students in behavior analysis: A survey of behavior analytic faculty and practitioners. Paper presented at the annual Association for Behavior Analysis International Conference, Denver, CO.

Pettit, M.*, Paulk, A., Zayac, R. M., & Keys-Mathews, L. (2017, April). A Comparison of U.S. versus German Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of the Impact of Undergraduate Research Experiences. Poster presented at the annual National Council on Undergraduate Research, Memphis, TN.

Miller, S.*, Carlisle, S.*, & Zayac, R. M., Paulk, A., & Lee, S. (2017, March). Disability accommodation requests: Prevalence, advantages, and disadvantages of various review processes. Poster presented at the annual Southeastern Psychological Association Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Donahue, N.*, Ware, M.*, Mannon, E.*, Thompson, C.*, Bergner, A.*, Priester, A.*, Willis, L.*, Vedder-Abrams, C.*, Miller, S.*, Elise, C.*, & Zayac, R. M. (March, 2016). Stimulus equivalence training: Effects of preferred vs. Non-preferred foods on portion-size stimations of elementary school children. Poster presented at the annual Southeastern Psychological Association Conference, New Orleans, LA.  

Schiavone, S.*, Mannon, E.*, Ware, M.*, Donahue, N.*, Thompson, C.*, Priester, A.*, Bergner, A.*, Willis, L.*, Kennedy, A.*, Mashburn, M.*, Hollander, M.*, Beitel, A.*, & Zayac, R. M. (March, 2016). The effects of a stimulus equivalence program on portion-size estimations of Peruvian and American elementary school children. Poster presented at the annual Southeastern Psychological Association Conference, New Orleans, LA.  

Donahue, N.*, Priester, A.*, Hogan, S.*, Willis, L.*, Kynerd, C.*, Thompson, C.*, & Zayac, R. M. (March, 2016). The effects of recruitment modality on student participation in registered student organization events. Poster presented at the annual Southeastern Psychological Association Conference, New Orleans, LA. 

Paulk, A., Hunt, A., Williams, Y., Zayac, R. M., & Jacques, T. (January, 2016). Title IX  compliance in higher education: The development, implementation, and dissemination of  results from campus climate surveys. Paper presented at the annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

Zayac, R. M., Schiavone, S.*, Priester, A.*, Ware, M.*, Bergner, A.*, Donahue, N.*, Willis, L.*, Mannon, E.*, Mashburn, M.*, Thompson, C.*, Hollander, M.*, Kennedy, A.*, Beitel, A.*, & Paulk, A. (January, 2016). Teaching portion-size estimations to Peruvian elementary school children: Effects of a stimulus equivalence paradigm. Poster presented at the annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

Rhodes, M., Dowd, D., Paulk, A., & Zayac, R. M. (April, 2015). Denominational and gender differences in motivations for hooking-up behaviors: Contemporary attitudes about casual sexuality. Poster presented at the annual Utah Council on Family Relations Conference, Provo, UT.    

Ware, M. *, Bergner, A. *, McClung, M. *, McCarley, A. *, Richardson, M. *, Parker, S. *, & Zayac, R. M. (March, 2015). Effects of prompts, feedback, and incentives on “green behaviors” in college dorms. Poster presented at the annual Southeastern Psychological Association Conference, Hilton Head, SC.

Zayac, R.M., Derouen, M., Fulmer, M., & Paulk, A. (March, 2015). Preliminary analysis of interteaching with elementary school children. Poster presented at the annual Southeastern Psychological Association Conference, Hilton Head, SC.