Miscellaneous Report

This form will be used to report:

1.  Conditions or circumstances on or near campus that need the attention of University Services, such as Facilities, Environmental or Groundskeeping.  

2.  Vehicles, persons or property where there are circumstances that do not arise to criminal act, but need to be documented in case those circumstances change.  

3.  Police assistance to other agencies where UNA PD doesn't generate a eCrime Report, but there is a need for documentation of the help rendered on the case.

4.  Student referrals for the following where no criminal arrest is made:  a) Possession of Marijuana 2nd; b) Minor in Possession of Alcohol; c) Public Intoxication; d) Weapons violations of University Policy (where the act is not a violation of State Law); e) Other violations of the University Code of Conduct that are not violations of State or Federal Law.  

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