UNA Society of Physics Students

The Society of physics Students at UNA has a very active SPS chapter.  We have weekly meetings to organize our activities.  Our activities include: 

  • Public outreach on campus and at the First Fridays 
physics fun
Physics fun for Purple Reign week, 2011.
  • Invited speakers
Erika Speaks
Dr. Erika Grundstrom of Vanderbilt talks about Be stars. March 2013.
  • Attendance at state, regional and national conferences

Students attended the SPS Southeast regional meeting in Puerto Rico in March 2014Students in Peurto Rico

Mary McDaniel won 2nd place at the 2014 AAS Meeting

Mary McDaniel won second place in the physics poster competition the 2014 Alabama Academy of Science Meeting at Auburn for her work on Radio emission from the Sun with Dr. Mel Blake.

Students win at AAS meeting 2013

Taylor Garber won first place in the physics talk competition and Christian Bayens won first place int he physics poster competition at the 2013 Alabama academy of science meeting.

Mary wins First place at PHYSCON2012.

Mary McDaniel won first place at the PHYSCON2012 meeting in Orlando Florida in November 2012 for her poster paper on Delta Scorpius. This meeting is only held every four years and was a national win!

 Taylor Garber wins 2nd Place ar the 2012 Alabama Academy of Sceinces Meeting

Taylor Garber won second in the student talk competition for Physics at the 2012 Alabama Academy of Sciences Meeting for her work using GALEX satellite data to study old open clusters in the ultraviolet.

  • Social events such as the annual Christmas party and Sci Fi nights at the planetarium

All students at UNA are welcome to joining the SPS and we are a recognized student organization.


The UNA SPS meets at the Science and Technology Building each Wednesday at 1:30 pm.  All UNA students are welcome to join whether they are physics majors or if they are just interested in astronomy and physics.

Recent Events

March 19th - 20th

The UNA SPS attended the SPS meeting at Embry-Ribddle Aeronautical University. .