Faculty and Staff of the Physics and Earth Science Department

Dr. Brenda Webb Professor, Chair

Dr. Brenda Webb

Specialty: Science Education

Office: SET286

Phone: 765-4130

Ms. Sara Beth Humphres Administrative Assistant

Sara Beth

Office: SET285

Phone: 765-4334

Earth Science

Dr. Melissa Driskell Assistant Professor

Dr. Melissa Driskell

Specialty: Seismology

Office: SET241

Phone: 765-4174

Dr. Richard A. Statom Associate Professor

Dr. Richard Statom

Specialty: Hydrology

Office: SET262

Phone: 765-4347

Dr. Gregory Buckley Associate Professor

Dr. Gregory Buckley

Specialty: Paleontology

Office: SET240

Phone: 765-4481

Dr. David Bentley Markham Adjunct Instructor

Dr Markham

Specialty: Earth Science

Office: SET285

Phone: 765-4481


Dr. Mel Blake Associate Professor

Mel Blake

Specialty: Astronomy

Office: Planetarium/SET239

Phone: 765-4751

Specialty: Quantum Physics

Office: SET261

Phone: 765-4320

Specialty: Optics

Office: SET260

Phone: 765-4881


Mr. Phillip Crosslin Adjunct Lab Instructor

Specialty: Physics

Office: SET285

Phone: 765-4334