Junior/Senior Recital Request Form

Please fill out completely and submit by study day the semester before the recital is to be performed. Please verify all dates with faculty, collaborative pianist, and events coordinator prior to submitting the form.

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Please specify which instrument or vocal part.
If no collaborative pianist, type "none."

Recital Hearing should take place a minimum of three weeks prior to the recital date. Three faculty members must agree to adjudicate the recital hearing. Please verify the recital hearing date with the three faculty members prior to submitting this form.

Recital program information is due to the events coordinator via email the day after the recital hearing is complete. Please include all program information, including any additional performers; degree title; and acknowledgements. Program notes are the responsibility of the student.

A recital poster, including design and printing, is the responsibility of the student. Posters should include student name and type of recital, date, time, location, and collaborative pianist (if applicable).

The student is responsible for the payment of a pianist's honoraria. The honoraria is due to the Department of Music administrative assistant before the recital hearing may take place. No exceptions! The honoraria must be a check or money order (no cash) made out to the pianist in the agreed upon amount. *For students not using a collaborative pianist, please complete this section anyway as it is required.

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