Merchandising Degree

Merchandising is a concentration for people interested in the areas of fashion, retail, manufacturing, wholesaling, visual merchandising, marketing and other areas of creative expression in the business world. You will learn valuable information regarding clothing construction and design, textiles, and getting the product to the ultimate consumer.

Many students think that with this degree the only careers are those in retailing. While there are many wonderful opportunities in the world of retailing, skills enhanced in this concentration can be used in a vast array of careers in business in clothing and other related fields. Some alumni have found careers in clothing publications, clothing wholesaling, clothing design, historic clothing presentation, special events and visual presentation. Creative alumni have made their way into many different avenues of the business world.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about this exciting concentration, please contact Ms. Laura McKee. You are welcome to visit the Department to see the facility and learn more about these opportunities.