Merchandising Course Descriptions

HES 241. (3) Textile Product Analysis. Units on basic construction techniques; wardrobe analysis, pattern selection, and garment construction; selection of ready-to-ware, from a buyer’s viewpoint; pattern alteration and fitting. Two class periods; one 2-hour laboratory period per week. Special fee: $30.00.

HES 320. (3) Historic Costume. The development of costume from Ancient Egypt to present. Emphasis will be on knowledge of fashion influences of past and present as a tool for making fashion predictions.

HES 321. (3) Merchandising. Principles, practices, and organization of fashion merchandising; job descriptions and responsibilities at the management level; financial and control functions; process of fashion innovation, variables of fashion affecting production, and distribution of consumer goals.

HES 322. (3) Visual Presentation I. Development of visual communication skills in the promotion of products for both the interiors and merchandising industries. Emphasis on visual display and selling techniques, special events, and other promotional activities.

HES 325. (3) Social and Cultural Aspects of Clothing. An exploration of the sociological, economical, psychological, and cultural aspects of dress.

HES 340. (3) Textile Fiber Theory. A merchandiser oriented study of textiles emphasizing the basic knowledge of textile fibers including history, sources, characteristics and properties, and performance of natural and manmade fibers.

HES 441. (3) Advanced Clothing. Couture techniques and problem fabrics; construction of a designer garment; commercial skills such as mass production, and managing a sewing laboratory. Two class periods; one 2-hour laboratory period per week. Prerequisites: HES 241, 341W. Special fee: $30.00.

HES 422. (3) Professional Dress and Image Development. Analysis of the individual’s figure type as the basis for personal professional image development and wardrobe planning. Emphasis will be placed on career preparation and job application.

(6) Additional HES Electives