Summer Activities

  • Memorize addition and subtraction facts before entering third grade. This is extremely important, as we will be starting addition and subtraction timed tests in August.
  • If your child knows his/her addition and subtraction facts really well, begin learning multiplication facts 1’s through 9’s. Begin with the one facts (1x1=1, 1x2=2) and work from easiest too hardest. Flash cards can be purchased at Wal-Mart or any bookstore.
SUMMER ACTIVITIES: (Select at least one, but you may do as many as you wish.)
  • If you read the book, Ramona the Pest, by Beverly Cleary, write an essay stating your opinion about Ramona. Do you think she was a pest or not? Whatever your opinion, give examples from the story that support your opinion.
  • If you read, Fables, by Arnold Lobel, choose an animal character from a story in which to do research. Write a report on that animal.
  • If you read the book Madeline’s Rescue, by Ludwig Bemelmans, research to find information about Paris, France. Write a short report about Paris; telling a few places you would like to visit there. Draw and color a map of France, labeling Paris and at least three other major cities. Outline the rivers in blue and label them.
  • Make a list of animals that interest you. Choose one and write a story about it. Draw and color a picture to go with your story. Your story must be at least one page long.
  • Keep a journal. Set aside time to write in your journal every day. You may draw a picture to go with what you write or include photographs.
  • If you go on a summer trip, take pictures of interesting places and things you see. Use these photographs to create an album or scrapbook of your trip. Please write a few sentences under each photograph. You may put other things in your scrapbook besides photographs, such as souvenirs or drawings.
  • Use a shoebox to create a diorama about one of the books you read for summer reading. You might want to recreate your favorite scene from the book. Remember to include characters and make it three-dimensional.
  • Make a poster about one of the books you read for summer reading. Be sure to include the characters and scenes from the book. You may want to use stuff like construction paper, fabric, felt or three-dimensional decorations on your poster, but whatever you do, make it colorful!
  • Plant a garden this summer. Keep a journal of what you planted and the work you did daily to care for it. Draw pictures of your garden and yourself working in the garden.
  • Write a book! It can be a mystery, a fairy tale, or realistic fiction. Make a cardboard cover that is covered in contact paper for your book.