Helpdesk COVID-19 Resources

In response to COVID-19, the University of North Alabama shifted to a remote/online instructional environment up until August 2020, continuing to provide updates on our operational status in relation to COVID-19. During this time, the ITS Helpdesk was still available for assistance via email ( Now that the university is open again, we can be also be contacted by phone and in person. Our contact information and availability is as shown below:

  • Contact Information:
    • Email Address:
    • Phone Number: 256-765-4865
    • Office Location: Collier Library, Main Level, near the elevators
      • NOTE: For in person assistance, users must wear a mask. ITS staff members are also required to wear a mask.
  • Contact Hours:
    • Sunday (via email only): 2:30pm to 7:00pm 
    • Monday through Thursday (email, phone, office visitation): 7:30am to 7:30pm
    • Friday (email, phone, office visitation): 7:30am to 4:30pm

In addition, the following resources are available in order to make the remote/online environment as effective as possible:

Remote/Online Instruction Resources

Forwarding University Calls to Personal Devices

For faculty and staff who need help forwarding calls made to your office extension towards a personal number:

Conference Calls:

For assistance with making conference calls, instructions are available here

Changing Voicemail Message from Off Campus:

For assistance with changing your voicemail message while away from campus, instructions are available here

Working Securely from Home:

Phishing scams are rife. Be aware of phishing scams targeting remote workers with sensational or emotional messages. For more tips on how to do that, instructions are available here.

Canvas Issues:

If you are having issues in Canvas (uploading or seeing a document, submitting homework), please contact the Canvas Helpdesk Team by clicking the Help icon on the left hand side of your Canvas page (it will have a question mark icon above it). From there, click on "Report a Problem" and give a detailed description of the issue you are having. 

Online Instruction Resources:

For assistance in utilizing instructional technology remotely, please contact the Educational Technology Services area. Their site contains good information regarding continued instruction and instructional continuity.

Software Resources

Zoom Licensing:

For Zoom licensing or assistance, contact our Educational Technology Services team at 

Microsoft Office 365:

For help installing Microsoft Office 365 and related softwared, instructions are available here

SPSS Statistics:

SPSS' extended free trial version of their statistics software has expired. We will update with more info as it is received.


To download and use Mathematica, instructions are available here

Adobe Creative Cloud Apps:

The trail period for students to use Adobe Creative Cloud for free on personal devices has expired. We will update with more info as it is received.