Frequently Asked Questions

Each major has a specific number of hours. Check your UNA bulletin to see exactly what is required in your major. Many departments require other courses to be completed by all students. This is called the "core". Each department will also have a specific courses in Area V. If after reading in your bulletin you don't understand, see your advisor.
In HSHD students are required to have minor. Some of the concentrations require a specified minor while others require an "approved" minor. The minor is usually an addition 18 hrs.
An internship is an opportunity for students to enhance their skills in a professional position. It gives the students a chance to see what the "real world" occupation will be like. Often students move from internship into employment with the organization. Others are able to use the internship experience on their resume. The internship is 350 hours of work in an approved experience. It is offered only in the summer and can be taken between the junior and senior year or at the end of the students classroom experience.
A PIN number is like password to allow you to register for classes. Your advisor will have you PIN number. The number will change every semester so you will need to meet with your advisor each semester.
Most courses in HSHD are not sequenced but many require prerequisites. It is wise to let your advisor help you plan your way through the coursework in your concentration.