Room Condition Reports

Each resident student must complete and submit a Room Condition Report within 72 hours of occupancy. Reporting any pre-existing damage in the residence hall room and/or common area is the only way to avoid being held financially accountable for damage found at the end of occupancy. Charges for residence hall room damage may not be appealed if residents do not submit Room Condition Reports at the beginning of occupancy. You may complete your RCR through your Roompact account at ( by using your UNA Portal credentials. Please complete the following sections:

  • Enter your cell phone number
  • Go to tasks tab
  • Upload a recent photo
  • Complete the room preference quiz
  • Enter your personal email address
  • Go to forms/logistics
  • Open the Room Condition Report
  • Complete each section by entering any items of concern into the appropriate area
  • Submit

Please note that you must enter any maintenance (loose hinges, light bulb replacement, leaky faucet, etc.) type concerns into the TMA work order system HERE. (