Cable TV Information


Cable Service Provider

Apogee is the cable service provider for the University of North Alabama residence halls.

Channel Lineup

Please see the guide to the right. 

Cable TV Service Support

Call: 1-844-459-7406

Text: "MyVideo" to 84700



The UNA digital cable system requires a television with a QAM tuner. QAM is the format by which digital cable channels are encoded and transmitted via cable television providers. Most newer cable-ready digital televisions support the QAM Tuner, but less expensive manufacturers may have alower quality QAM tuner or none at all. We have this to be true of bargain brands such as Dynes, Insignia, and some models of Vizio. If your television does not have a QAM tuner or a lower quality QAM tuner, a digital conversion box may be purchased.

Digital Conversion Boxes

Just like with the TV, you should ensure that the conversion box includes a QAM tuner. For compatibility with UNA digital cable programming, Apogee recommends the following QAM tuners:

  • Channel Master CM-7001
  • iView 3500STBII
  • iView 3500STB


  •  Connect a coaxial cable from the TV wall outlet to the input port on the back of your TV
  •  Connect the TV power cord to the wall electrical outlet and turn on TV
  •  Using your TV remote, select Menu and choose the Auto-Setup feature

Storing Channels/Autoprogram

  • Now that you have your TV set up to receive a cable signal, you need to scan and store your channels. This process stores active channels into your television's memory, and deletes any unused or inactive channels.
  • Autoprogram is usually an option on the Menu selection. If not, there may be a button on your remote which says Autoprogram, Channel Scan, Autoscan, or something similar.
  • Once you have selected Autoprogram, your screen may go blank or turn blue and will begin cycling through the cable channels.  Do not interrupt the scan else you may have to restart Autoprogram
  • After programming is complete, you should be able to flip through all channels with your Channel Up and Channel Down buttons.


  • Make sure that the TV is connected to the correct coaxial port in the room
  • Ensure all cable connections to TV/wall are secure and not visibly damaged/loose.
  • Check to make sure TV is set to Cable and not Air or Antenna.
    • This menu setting will be different for every TV.
    • Check the main menu and browse until you find mention of "cable" or "antenna/air".
    • Run a channel scan
    • Verify that your TV has an internal digital tuner by calling the technical support number. Be prepared to provide the model number of the TV
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