Room Change Requests & Consolidation

Room change requests will only be considered per the timeline listed below. Room changes will be approved/denied based on space, availability, and nature of request. 

The University makes all assignments without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin and rejects all requests for change of assignment based upon reasons of race, color, religion, disability, national origin, or other protected category. 


Please note that any room change request submitted prior to Friday, January 17th at 10am WILL NOT be processed. 

  • January 13th: Consolidation Notifications Begin
  • January 17th: Room Change Request Form opens at 10am
  • January 24th: Room Change Request Form Closes at 10am
  • January 31st: Room Changes & Consolidations Conclude

Room Change Request Process

You may request a room change by completing the online room change request form HERE

  • We cannot guarantee that all room change requests will be granted. 
  • Room changes are completely dependent upon space, availability, and nature of request.
  • You may request to move to another room, another hall, or with a specific roommate.
  • Room change approvals occur over the course over several weeks. Contacting HRL will not expedite your move.
  • Residents are not allowed to move without the written approval of HRL.
  • Please note that if you move to a room that you are not assigned to, there is a $150 unauthorized change fee and you will be required to return to your original assignment within 24 hours. 

IMPORTANT: The Residence Hall Contract states that any student living in a DOUBLE OCCUPANCY ROOM must either a) identify or accept a roommate OR b) declare and assume financial responsibility for a single / double-as-a-single room. If you do not have a roommate now or find yourself without a roommate during the room change/consolidation time period, you MUST complete a room change form and indicate your preference. Please see your RA or email Housing & Residence Life for assistance.  

Consolidation Process

You may submit a Consolidation Preference Form by completing the form HERE

  • Any resident that has not received a roommate by January 24th will have 3 options:
    • Purchase the vacant space in their room as a private and pay applicable charges 
    • Voluntarily identify another resident that is currently without a roommate (listing will be provided)
      • The residents can either mutually agree on which resident will relocate OR
      • The Occupancy Coordinator will determine which resident will relocate based on application date
    • Be assigned a roommate at random
      • The residents can either mutually agree on which resident will relocate OR
      • The Occupancy Coordinator will determine which resident will relocate based on academic classification and application date
  • Any resident without a roommate on January 31st will automatically be assigned a roommate. 
    • The Occupancy Coordinator will determine which resident will relocate

Room Change FAQ's

Q: Can I move without an approved room change?

A: No, any resident that conducts room change that without the approval of Housing & Residence Life will be charged a $150 unauthorized room change fee and required to resume their original assignment. 

Q: I have a friend that I want to move in with, but they currently have a roommate. Can you make them move? 

A: No, we will not ask or require any resident to move in order to accommodate a room change request. If you would like to live with someone specific then you and your desired roommate must both complete a room change request. If there is a fully open room available then your request will be approved. However, we are currently very limited on spaces and you have a higher chance of acquiring an open space rather than an open room. 

Q: Room Change is about to begin and I don't have a roommate, but I'm not yet sure what I would like to do. 

A: It is recommended that you submit your preference as quickly as possible. If you do not have a roommate and someone requests to move from another building into your assigned building, it is possible that they would be placed as your roommate. If you think you want to live with a particular resident, you should both submit requests as quickly as possible. 

Q: I want to live with a friend and they need a roommate, but I don't want to tell my current roommate. Is that okay?

A: We strongly encourage you to tell your roommate for several reasons. It is only fair to give them a chance to decide how they would like to proceed and they need time to prepare. Having a conversation with your roommate demonstrates a willingness to communicate and consideration for that individual, regardless of your reasoning for requesting a room change. 

Q. I was approved for my room change, but then I was told it wasn't available. Why did that happen? 

Your UNA Portal email is the university's official form of communication and the only email that Housing & Residence Life will utilize. It is important that you check it regularly as there is a finite amount of time to accept your approved room change request and begin moving. If you do not accept your change by the time/date indicated then it is voided and you must resubmit a request. It will be approved/denied based on availability. 

Q. Could anything cause my room change request to be disqualified or voided? 

Yes. Reasons to disqualify a room change request include, but are not limited to: failure to complete the room change form in full, not following directions on the room change form, not adhering to the specified timeline, limited eligibility for requested hall(s), student conduct record, and other concerns deemed relevant to the room change by the Occupancy Coordinator. 

Consolidation FAQ's

Q: My roommate moved in with someone else during room change and now I do not have a roommate. Can I keep my room as a single/private?

A: This depends on what hall you live in and your particular circumtances. We are very limited on spaces and must accommodate all students needing a residential assignment before granting private rooms. Most of our halls have a 'private room' rate available which is 1.5x the cost of a typical double room. Please see the residence hall rates HERE for details. 

Q: How is the room change process different than consolidation? 

A: Any resident without a roommate should complete a room change request form once it is available and most moves are completed in the earlier part of this process. This allows us to take your preferences into consideration and ensure that we are accommodating as many individuals as possible. Per the residence hall contract, you are only entitled to a single occupancy room if you have been granted a private and assume financial responsibility for that private. If you do not submit a room change request form once it is available, you will be subject to consolidation and this increases the chance that you will be physically required to move. 

Q. I received notification that I was being consolidated, but it was two days after the timeline listed above. Do I still have to move?

A. Yes. A room change usually takes 24-48 hours once a resident is notified so it possible that your new assignment was simply being prepared. It often takes a few days to complete this 'domino' process.