Contract/Lease Release Request

Your Residence Hall Contract is a legal, binding contract and valid for one academic year. Spring applicant contracts are valid for one academic semester. 

Residence Hall Contract

When you complete a residence hall application, you also agree to a legal and binding contract. All registered students are responsible for the term of their contract unless withdrawing in full from the university or graduating. Specific terms of the contract may be reviewed by accessing your Residence account.

Contract Release Timeline

The Contract Review Committee meets the 1st Wednesday of each month while the University is in session.

The last day to submit a Request for Contract Release for the Fall Semester is:  July 20, 2017.

The last day to submit a Request for Contract Release for the Spring Semester is: December 1, 2017

Request for a Contract Release

Residential students (current and incoming) may submit a contract release request by providing an appeal for contract release along with documentation of significant and unforeseen change in circumstances since entering into the terms and conditions of the contract. These circumstances must prohibit the applicant from fulfilling contractual obligations after exhausting alternatives which may include an alteration to residential assignment.

Complete the Request for Contract Release Form HERE. The appeal form must completed and supporting documentation must be electronically uploaded. All materials must be submitted in full in order to be considered by the Contract Review Committee.

Reasons for Contract Release

Financial Hardship: Release from the Residence Hall Contract will only be approved if a significant change in extenuating financial circumstances has occurred and can be demonstrated through documentation. We advise you to refrain from securing alternative housing arrangements or entering into another lease pending approval from your residence hall contract. A student requesting release from a contract must also complete the student financial statement within the contract release form. 

Entering a lease and financial obligations incurred as a result of such lease during an active residence hall contract period will not be considered for purposes of contract appeal. 

Medical Hardship: Release from the Residence Hall Contract will only be approved if the medical condition cannot be accommodated in campus housing. Details are listed in the Appeal for Contract Release FormExtremely unique and/or sensitive medical issues may be reviewed by pertinent university staff including, but not limited to, Health Services and/or Disability Support Services. 


A Request for Contract Release form must be accompanied by supporting documentation in order to be reviewed by the Contract Review Committee.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide information which proves their case involves a "significant and unforeseen change in circumstances since entering into the terms and conditions of the contract that prohibits the applicant from fulfilling their contractual obligations."

It is not the responsibility of residence hall staff or the Contract Review Committee to gather this information on the student's behalf. Incomplete or missing documentation will result in the Request for Contract Release being denied or delayed until the appropriate documentation is supplied. Please submit the Appeal for Contract Release Form and upload any supporting documentation for consideration. A Request for Contract Release will not be granted retroactively due to a delay in providing the appropriate documentation.

Documentation Guidelines

The following list includes examples of the types of documentation which may be provided in support of a Request for Contract Release. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather an indication of the types of materials which may be useful as the student gathers information to prove that a contract release is warranted. Remember, the burden of proof rests with the student. When attempting to prove the validity of a Request for Contract Release (proving a significant and unforeseen change), examine all aspects of the situation, including official documentation when available, and use a logical sequence to show how and why this request meets the guidelines for a contract release. 

Medical Release: Student must provide, on letterhead, a signed, detailed explanation from an American Board Certified Physician (general practitioner or specialist) detailing exactly how the medical/psychological condition is negatively impacted by residence hall living. The physician should make an explicit statement recommending that the student should move out of the residence hall environment because of this specific concern. Information should include the illness/injury, date that it first occurred, treatment plan, follow-up visits, expected duration, special equipment needed, prescribed medication, details about a special diet, etc. Information should also include any changes in frequency of office visits, medication, etc. since moving into the residence hall setting and how this has affected any medical/psychological condition. 

Financial Release: Student must provide any type of financial record that shows a change in financial status that causes the student to be unable to fulfill his/her contractual obligations. To prove that a decrease in income/revenue has taken place, it is necessary to show documentation of the state of finances prior to the change in circumstances. It is important to verify the date that the financial change occurred, the cause of the problem, and any actions taken to attempt to alleviate the financial strain. Additionally, documentation of the financial state after the change occurred is necessary. Supporting items may include, but are not limited to, pay stubs, tax forms, bank statements, leases, employer documentation, layoff notices, insurance reports, bankruptcy petitions, divorce decrees, and wills. A student requesting release from a contract must also complete the student financial statement within the contract release form. 

Contract Release Decisions

Decisions are based on the documentation provided along with the appeal for release form. The outcome of each case is delivered to the student via UNA email in the form of approval or denial.

For an approval of contract release, the student will be given a time frame in which to officially check out of the residence hall. Failure to check out within this time frame may negate the contract release. For a denial of contract release, this decision may be appealed, provided there is NEW information that was not originally submitted. An appeal letter with the new documentation must be submitted within three business days after the denial is disseminated by Housing & Residence Life. It is then signed and submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs or their designee for review. 

Sorority Contract Release Requests

If you are a sorority member living on a sorority floor in either Appleby East or West, you must also provide a written release from your Sorority Advisor. This does not guarantee that you will be released from your contract, but indicates that you are released from your responsibility to sorority residential requirements.