Room Condition Reports

Please login to to complete your Room Condition Report within 48 hours of checking into your fall assignment. Do not complete your RCR until you have actually moved in and inspected your room. To login, please use your UNA username (do not include and password and complete the following steps:

  1. Choose ‘My Forms’ then ‘Room Condition Report’
  2. General Information: Indicate whether you are claiming side A or B. Side A is the left side of the room and Side B is the right side of the room (when entering the room). 
  3. Student Information: Check yes for key received. Indicate whether it is a single room or double room. The default is set to double. 
  4. Check-In: Enter the date you checked in (e.g. August 18th, August 19th, or August 20th)
  5. Check-In: Check each item that you inspect within the room/bathroom. All items should be inspected, if applicable.
  6. Check-In: If there is a damage or item of concern then list within the appropriate section, provide description, and upload picture, if applicable. (Please note that you must enter any ‘maintenance’ type concerns into the TMA work order system at from any computer on campus).
  7. Do not complete any information within the check-out section as that will be used when you check out of your room. 
  8. Choose SUBMIT FOR REVIEW upon completion. 

You will be held responsible for the condition of your room upon departure from the residence hall. This means that you must complete the check-in section in full so you will not be accountable for any pre-existing damages or concerns. Please contact with any questions! 

Note: If you cannot remember your password, reset your password through UNA Portal and it will update to eRezLife.