Loft Kit Request And Agreement

Loft Kit Request & Agreement

  • Lessee shall be responsible for and pay the repair costs of any damages to the Loft Kit except where such damage is the result of normal wear and tear of the Loft Kit. This includes failure to return any portion of the Loft Kit per the terms and conditions. Replacement value of the Loft Kit is $175.
  • In the event of product malfunction of the Loft Kit, the lessee is responsible for informing Housing & Residence Life as quickly as possible. HRL will arrange for servicing or replacement of the Loft Kit.
  • The Lessee agrees that the leased Loft Kit shall not be moved from one residence hall to another hall.
  • It is the responsibility of the Lessee to have the Loft Kit clean and in good repair at the end of this lease agreement. 
  • Lease agreement is in effect until the Loft Kit is returned to HRL.
  • Lessee is responsible for taking the Loft Kit apart and notifying HRL when it is ready to be picked up. 

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If you wish to lease a Loft Kit, please review the terms of the loft kit agreement and submit. Loft Kits will be leased with priority given according to the date the residence hall application, contract, and loft kit request and agreement is received. Loft kits are available in limited quantity. Residents will be notified via UNA Email if there is a loft kit available and placed on a waiting list if there are none available. By submitting this agreement, you are agreeing to a replacement cost of $175 if the loft kit is not returned or returned in any condition beyond normal wear and tear.

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