Champions of the Pride

The Champions of the Pride, through the support of its members, is dedicated to providing resources that empower Lion student-athletes the opportunity to thrive and grow.

By becoming a member of the Champions of the Pride, you are helping UNA Graduate Champions by:

  • Funding scholarships
  • Supporting academic programs
  • Hiring coaches who are master teachers
  • Offering top-notch medical care
  • Building state-of-the-art facilities

For the 300-plus UNA student-athletes, Champions of the Pride support is the foundation of their collegiate experience.

All gifts to the Champions of the Pride are used for the greatest needs and emerging priorities of the Athletic Department as determined by the Athletics Director.

Donors giving gifts below $100 will be non-benefit members of the Champions of the Pride.

*If you are interested in joining the North Alabama Lions Athletic Club, please contact Megan Dye at (256) 765-4615 or