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Kenya Scholars and Studies Association (KESSA)

KESSA is a Ohio-based professional organization myself (and others) formed in 2007 here in the United States with the aim of advancing research work on Kenya and also fostering constructive dialogue and also collaboration among Kenyan academics and professionals around the World. The primarily interdisciplinary membership largely draws from Kenyan academics and professionals and also academics from other nationalities with research interest in Kenya. I currently serve as the Executive Secretary and also Newsletter Editor. See KESSA website here

UNA will host the 8th annual KESSA Conference September 4-5, 2015!

Why does KESSA Exist?

  • promote scholarly, scientific and research work in or about Kenya in all scholarly disciplines and persuasions
  • promote and facilitate cooperation through the exchange of ideas and meaningful dialogue among groups and/or persons engaged in scholarly, scientific, and research on Kenya
  • encourage and facilitate the dissemination of information, publications, and other scholarly works on Kenya
  • organize workshop panels, discussions, symposia, and conferences on Kenya
  • raise funds in support of the above activities

What are KESSA’s activities?

  • We organize a scholarly conference with a keynote speaker once a year which draws well over 100 scholars and professional with interest on Kenya. The papers are published first, as conference proceedings, and later select papers that make it through the peer-review process are published in our journal the Kenya Studies Review
  • During our annual conference, we run various mentoring workshops and panel sessions for early career faculty or graduate students
  • We run a list serve through which Kenyan professional and scholars from all over the world engage in intellectual discussions on matters pertaining to Kenya. Through this lest serve, we run announcements of graduate school opportunities, grants, fellowships, and scholarships
  • We produce a peer-reviewed journal called Kenya Studies Review – to which I am a co-editor