Earn MS in Geospatial Science Online

The Online MS in Geospatial Science is designed for self-driven geospatial industry professionals looking to advance their careers in the practical applications of geospatial data to solve everyday problems. Coursework integrates critical thinking, analytical skills, and cutting edge techniques applied within a geographic framework. The MS in Geospatial Science program can be offered 100% online, 100% in person and as a hybrid between the two.

  • Add skills and knowledge applicable to your work right away: GIS programing, WebGIS, big data analytics, spatial analysis and remote sensing.
  • Engage and collaborate with like-minded peers and GISP-certified faculty.
  • Join a global network of UNAGEO professionals in: Government and Business Intelligence, Utilities and Gas, GIS Software Development, Community Development and Planning and in PhD programs in the United States and around the world.  
  • Earn a degree from a STEM-designated program
  • Work with diverse group of faculty
  • Graduate in as few as 18 months
  • Complete non-thesis projects using data in your area of work
  • Competitive scholarships and conference travel funds available
  • 62.5% of instructors are GISP certified