Completed MS Theses and Projects

Below is a list of alumni who have graduated from our Master of Science in Geospatial Science program. 

Name and Hometown MS Thesis/ Project Title Committee Chair Year Graduated Where are they now?

Akanga, Donald O.

MS Thesis Analysis of Spatiotemporal Occurrence of Drought in Kenya Using MODIS Satellite Data Dr. Mario Mighty 2018 Geography PhD Program, Michigan State University

Andrews, Abby D.

MS Thesis Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Southern Pine Beetle Outbreaks in the Southeast United States from 1960 through 2004 Dr. Jonathan P. Fleming 2014 Wayne County, Tennessee EMS
Baker, Bradley W. MS Thesis Spatial Assessment of Tropical Cyclone Precipitation on Existing Drought Conditions in the Gulf Coast Region of the United States Dr. Lisa Keys-Mathews 2013 University of Memphis
Buttram, Cayla A. MS Thesis Infusing Geospatial Technologies into K-12 Social Studies, Science, and Technology Education Dr. Lisa Keys-Mathews 2013 EF Education First
Cook, Jeffrey R. MS Thesis Terrorism and Civil War: A Geographic Perspective with Case Studies on Algeria and Syria Dr. Michael Pretes 2018
Cornelius, Kevin MS Thesis Forecasting Distribution of Hydrilla Verticillata Under Current and Future Climate Scenarios Dr. Jonathan Fleming 2017
Dibble, Sandor G. K. MS Thesis

Spatio-temporal Analysis of Movement Activity of White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Using Camera Traps

Dr. Sunhui Sim 2018
Everett, Steven N. Project

GIS Applications in Utility Management

Damage Assessment System: A GIS Approach


Dr. Francis T. Koti 2016 Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation
Graham, Paul D.  MS Thesis

Quantifying the Offset of Greenhouse Gas Emissions at the University of North Alabama

Dr. David Brommer 2018 University of North Alabama
Green, Tucker MS Thesis

Sustainability in Desab, Haiti and Military and Urban Expansion around Active Military Installations

Dr. David Brommer 2018
Hardin, John T. Project

Rethinking World Regional Geography: Creating a Geospatial Technologies-Enabled Dual Enrollment Class for High School Students

Geographic Profiling: An Examination of the Importance of Geographic Profiling of Violent Serial Crimes

Dr. Lisa Keys-Mathews 2016 National Geographic
Lane, Jesse M. MS Thesis Maritime Exposure and Economic Prosperity: Why Location Matters Dr. Michael Pretes 2015 Daphne High School, Daphne, Alabama
Maloney, James P. MS Thesis Perspective Based Concealment Analysis Dr. Jonathan P. Fleming 2015 GeoCue Group, Inc.
Matharu, Roshan M. Singh MS Thesis A Geospatial Analysis of Low Food Security in the State of Alabama: Distributing Food to Meet Hunger Dr. Mario Mighty 2018 esri
Miller, Randee MS Thesis Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Hydrilla verticillata Infestation in Pickwick Reservoir, Alabama Dr. Jonathan Fleming 2018
Miller, Timothy A. MS Thesis The Effect of Beaver Dams on Nutrition and Stream Quality in North Alabama Streams Dr. Greg G. Gaston 2015 Geo-Source, Inc.
Nall, Robert M. MS Thesis Understanding Vulnerability: Optimization of a Place-based Vulnerability Model to Floods in Davidson County, Tennessee Dr. Lisa Keys-Mathews 2013 nSide, Inc.
Odhiambo, Mary G. MS Thesis Spatial Incidence of Obesity in the State of Alabama Dr. Francis T. Koti 2015 City of Decatur Police Department
Sayed, Md Abu MS Thesis Intelligent Parking Management System - A Multi Agent Based Model Dr. Sunhui Sim 2016 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Smith, Abigail A. MS Thesis Identifying Populations at Greater Risk of Malaria Due to Hydroelectric Dams: A Case Study of the Gilgel Gibe III Hydroelectric Dam in Ethiopia Dr. Sunhui Sim 2018 Hexagon Geospatial
Vinson, Casey MS Thesis Spatial and Market Analysis of Southern Micropolitan Places with Craft Breweries Dr. Lisa Keys-Mathews 2018
Thompson, Robert B. MS Thesis Land Use Regulation and Access to Amenities: Exploring Spatial Equity Using GIS Dr. Francis T. Koti 2016 University of Alabama Law School
Wallace, Zebulon C. MS Thesis Risk Perceptions to Tornado Hazards Dr. Lisa Keys-Mathews 2012 University of Memphis
Wanyama, Dan MS Thesis A Spatial Analysis of Climate Change Effects on Maize Productivity in Kenya Dr. Mario Mighty 2017 Geography PhD Program, Michigan State University
White, Chandler MS Thesis Phylogenetic Patterns of Potamogeton crispus L. and Its Invasive Impacts on Community Assembly Dr. Jonathan Fleming 2017 Clayton County, GA GIS Department