Food and Nutrition Degree

With the rising incidence of obesity and the desire to live healthier and longer lives, there is a rising interest in food and nutrition. At the University of North Alabama, we offer a general degree in food and nutrition. There is increasing recognition of the relationship between maintaining a healthy diet and improving health and well being, providing a real opportunity for students in this field. The ideal student will want to understand how food relates to the body, improving health and wellness, and treating disease processes; in other words the relationship between food, nutrients and human health. Further, the student will be interested in techniques in food preparation and preservation, cultural diversity in food preferences and beliefs, and in service of their community. Graduates in the field of Food and Nutrition may embark on careers in:

  • Dietary management
  • Restaurant management
  • Cooperative Extension
  • Food and pharmaceutical sales
  • Food processing industry to meet consumer demand for food products that are both nutritious and convenient
  • Performance training
  • Culinary research
  • Laboratory food analysis
  • Food product development
  • Nutrition journalism
  • Food quality control
  • Other related vocations, we encourage our students to think outside the box and explore all possibilities.
  • Food testing to ensure foods are safe for consumption