Food and Nutrition Course Descriptions

CNH 242 – Food Science - A study of the relationship between food composition and structure; and the preparation and service of food Course fee: $30.00

HES 322 – Visual Presentation I - Development of visual communication skills in the promotion of products for both the interiors and merchandising industries. Emphasis on visual display and selling techniques, special events, and other promotional activities.

CNH 342 – Nutrition - Food requirements for different individuals, nutritive values of food, diet planning, and the relation of food to positive health.

CNH 353 – Cultural Foods - Planning of meals and food preparation demonstrations with emphasis on cultural foods, aesthetic values, and management of time and the food budget on various economic levels. Course fee: $30.00

CNH 355 – Food Service Planning - The class will cover space allocation, flow of work layout, environmental planning, and understanding the principles for equipment selection. Course fee: $30.00.

HES 262 – Child Development - The development of children from the prenatal stage to age six years is studied. Materials and experiences to foster development in the areas of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive are presented. Field experiences are part of the learning process.

CNH 433 – Food Safety and Sanitation - Analysis and application of the principles of food preservation, including drying, canning, freezing, pickling, and preserving with sugar; study of microbiological aspects, with emphasis on food safety. Course fee: $30.00.

CNH 442 – Medical Nutrition Therapy I - This is the first of a sequence of two courses applying the nutrition principles of the pathophysiology and medical nutrition therapy for specific disease conditions including nutritional status assessment, malnutrition, gastrointestinal tract diseases, endocrine disorders, and cardiovascular disease. Prerequisite: CNH 342.

CNH 455 – Quantity Food Production - Principles and methods of procuring, producing, and serving food in quantity, including organization, management, sanitation, safety, analysis, and design of jobs. Prerequisite: CNH 355. Course fee: $30.00.

HES 462 – Family and Consumer Sciences in the School and Community - The relationship of family and consumer sciences to the school and community, including the underlying philosophies and objectives of teaching family and consumer sciences; development and organization of family and consumer sciences, with emphasis on the Alabama program; exploration and development of materials and methods for implementing the family and consumer sciences programs. Prerequisite: ASBI/FBI background clearance. (Offered on sufficient demand)