Athletics Endowed Scholarships

Harlon Hill Endowed Scholarship

Top student athlete during senior year.  Must plan to attend graduate or professional school.

James H. Tanner Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Preference first to student athletes no longer eligible for athletic scholarship support or pursuing a graduate degree.  If none, student majoring in science i.e.: biology, chemistry or physics.

Ted Treece Endowed Scholarship

Preference to members of the UNA Golf Team.

John Michael "Jack" Karnes Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Student athlete whose eligibility has expired but not completed degree. Supplement the scholarship from UNA Sportsman Club.
Former scholarship athletes within 30 hours of graduation with minimum 2.0 GPA apply for 5th year, selected by the UNA athletic department.

Phillip B. Logan Football Program Enhancement Fund

Selected by the Department of Athletics and Office of Student Financial Aid.

University of North Alabama Golf Program Endowment in honor of Chris Burns and Alex Sloan

Selected by Golf Coach and OFS, consultation with Athletics Director. First priority to Alabama residences and 2.5 GPA. Second to students who are out of state and maintain 2.5 GPA. If student leaves for any reason at semester break funds re-deposited. Funds not awarded return to Golf Program Restricted Account.

Frank Hughes Condon, Jr. Memorial Football Endowed Scholarship

Selected by the head football coach and Department of Athletics and the Office of Student Financial Aid. Must have graduated from an Alabama high school and play defense.  Renewable for up to four years Lion Match Program.

William G. Cale, Sr. Memorial Tennis Endowment

Selected by the Director of Athletics and Tennis Coach, and OFA. First priority to members of the varsity tennis team.

John T. Doughty, Jr., Women's Athletics Scholarship

Limited to female students who are American citizens, junior or senior, minimum 2.5 GPA and participating in one of the women's athletic programs. Renewable for undergraduate education provided maintains criteria. must be made or committed on or before the beginning of the fall semester. 

Grady Liles Endowed Scholarship for UNA Athletics

Awarded to students who  are incoming freshmen athletes consultation with the Athletic Director and the Athletics Department, the Office of Financial Aid in accordance with NCAA financial aid legislation.  Not renewable. Committed on or before the beginning of the fall semester.

Caroline Morgan Neisler Endowed Scholarship

Selected by committee of head coaches of all women's athletic teams and OFSFS. Approved by Athletic Director. Volleyball player that has exhausted her athletic eligibility and working to complete undergraduate degree. Min GPA 2.5. If none, preference given to female athlete rom another sport. One year. Made or committed on or before fall semester.

Harold C. and Peggy Nan Sisson Endowed Scholarship

Student athlete as a current football player up to max NCAA rules. Selected by the Athletic Department and OSFS. Renewable 4 years, maintain 3.0 GPA.

William "Bill" B. Godsey Endowed Scholarship

Student in fifth year student athlete. First to a football player, second to baseball player. If neither any fifth-year athlete. Selected by Athletic Department and SFS. Made of committed before fall semester. 

Hal Self Student Athlete Post Graduate Endowed Scholarship Fund

First priority to students who have played on scholarship for at least two years any varsity team and graduated and whose eligibility for scholarship has expired and enrolled as full-time grad student.

Ramona and E.A. Nelson ASMI Endowed Scholarship

Junior or senior preparing for careers in health or health-related work. Preference given to students who plan careers as athletic trainers, in physiology, or in medicine.