Endowed Thank You Note Information

Your endowed scholarship is made possible each year thanks to the private support of the University of North Alabama’s friends and alumni. Many of these donors continue to give to scholarship endowments because they know their gifts are important to our students. A personal note of thanks from scholarship recipients reinforces the importance of the donor's investment in UNA and keeps them connected with the campus community. Because this is so important, a thank you note is now a requirement for your endowed scholarship to be applied to your account.

The tips provided below will assist you as you prepare your thank you letter.

  • Use quality bond paper or personal stationary.
  • Letters may be typed or neatly handwritten (black or blue ink).
  • Please include the date, a return address (if you choose), a salutation, and a proper closing, including your handwritten signature.
  • In the body of the letter, include the name of the scholarship award.
  • Express your gratitude for the scholarship and how the scholarship will help you.
  • Personalize your letter to include information about your accomplishments, educational or career plans, extracurricular interests and activities, and/or what you enjoy about attending the University of North Alabama
  • Be clear and concise – and check and re-check spelling.
  • Please mail your thank you note to Student Financial Services at UNA Box 5014, Florence, AL 35632 and they will get this to the donor

If you have any questions, please refer to the sample letter below or contact the Student Financial Services at 256-765-4278 or sfins@una.edu.