Family Consumer Sciences Course Descriptions

HES 100 – Introduction to Human Environmental Sciences - Human environmental sciences as an area of study integrating concepts from family development, resource management, foods and nutrition, clothing, and design and housing. The history and philosophy of human environmental sciences are explored with implications for current issues. Career opportunities are identified.

HES 241 – Textile Product Analysis - Units on basic construction techniques; wardrobe analysis, pattern selection, and garment construction; selection of ready-to-wear, from a buyer’s viewpoint; pattern alteration and fitting. Two class periods; one 2-hour laboratory period per week. Special fee: $30.00.

HES 242 – Food Science - Relation of food composition and structure to the preparation and service of food. Two class periods; one 2-hour laboratory period per week. Special fee: $30.00

HES 261 – Introduction to Interior Design - An overview of the profession of interior design; professional organization, industry leaders, and the history and practice of interior design, introduction to color theory and to the principles and elements of design. Two class periods; one 2-hour studio per week.

HES 341W – Textiles and Materials - Consumer oriented study of textiles emphasizing fibers, yearns, fabric, dyeing, printing, finishing, care, and serviceability for apparel and the interior environment. Knowledge of testing standards and legislation concerning apparel and interiors.

HES 342 – Nutrition - Food requirements for different individuals, nutritive values of food, diet planning, and the relation of food to positive health.

HES 353 – Cultural Foods - Planning of meals and food preparation demonstrations with emphasis on cultural foods, aesthetic values, and management of time and the food budget on various economic levels. Two class periods; one 2-hour laboratory period per week. Special fee: $30.00

HES 362 – Child Development - Human development from the prenatal to kindergarten stage. Consideration of nursery school materials and experiences to foster development. Supervised experiences including participation and home visits. Two class periods, two scheduled participation hours, and one free observation hour per week. Prerequisite: PY 201.

HES 366 – History of Interiors and Furnishings - Selected periods of interiors and furnishings with emphasis on the development of interior spaces, furniture, fabrics, and accessories from pre-Renaissance to date.

HES 375 – Management and Economic Problems of the Consumer - Increased consumer competence through management of family resources, including standards and labeling in buying, advertising, credit, savings, investment, insurance, and taxes; emphasis on governmental protection and consumer values.

HES 400 – Senior Seminar - Human Environmental Sciences topics selected according to the interest and needs of the individual student, with study at advanced undergraduate level. Prerequisite: senior classification.

HES 422 – Professional Dress & Image Development - Analysis of the individual’s figure type as the basis for personal professional image development and wardrobe planning. Emphasis will be placed on career preparation and job application.

HES 441 – Advanced Clothing - Couture techniques and problem fabrics; construction of a designer garment; commercial skills such as mass production, and managing a sewing laboratory. Two class periods; one 2-hour laboratory period per week. Prerequisite: HES 241. Special fee: $30.00

HES 443 – Family Development - The structure and function of the family, its interaction with other societal institutions, and the effect on all family members; student assessment of special concerns of all aspects of parenthood related to the care, development, and discipline of children (Fall).

HES 455 – Quantity Food Production - Principles and methods of procuring, producing, and serving food in quantity, including organization, management, sanitation, safety, analysis, and design of jobs. Two class periods; one 2-hour laboratory period per week. Prerequisite: HES 355. Special fee: $30.00

Human Environmental Sciences