2020 Companies (virtual) -- Attended

https://www.constellium.com/people-careers  https://www.franklinmanufacturing.com/ 
Majors of Interest:  Engineering, Accounting Majors of Interest:  Engineering
Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Co-Op Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Part-Time, Co-Op, Summer



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https://www.decaturutilities.com/  https://www.nal.com/ 
Majors of Interest:  Engineering, Biology (plant operators) Majors of Interest:  Engineering, Physics, Management, Finance, Accounting
Opportunities Available:  Electric Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Treatment Plant Operators Opportunities Available:  Full Time, Summer Internship


https://www.certainteed.com/ https://simtechinc.com/ 
Majors of Interest:  Engineering Majors of Interest:  Engineering, Computer Science/Information
Systems, Math, Physics
Opportunities AvailableCo-Op, Full-Time Opportunities AvailableFull-Time and Internships
https://www.una.edu/mba/ https://www.una.edu/engineeringtechnology/graduate 
Majors of Interest:  All Majors Majors of Interest:  All STEM Majors with 2 Calculus courses
Opportunities Available: Full-Time, Part-Time Opportunities Available: Full-Time, Part-Time