2021 Companies -- Attending

Dynetics alliant-corp
https://www.dynetics.com/  https://alliantcorp.com/ 
Majors of Interest:  Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business Majors of Interest:  Industrial Hygiene, Biology, Information Systems, Engineering, Business
Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Summer Internship Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Part-Time
GG Steel hexagon
https://www.ggsteel.com/  https://www.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com/ 
Majors of Interest:  Engineering Majors of Interest:  Computer Science/Information Systems
Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Co-op Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Summer Internship
republic-finance north-american-lighting
https://www.republicfinance.com/ https://www.nal.com/ 
Majors of Interest:  Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing Majors of Interest:  Engineering
Opportunities Available:  Full-Time Opportunities Available:  Full Time, Internships


https://listerhill.com/  http://bibank.com 
Majors of Interest:  Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Management, Marketing Majors of Interest:  Accounting, Computer Science/Information
Systems, Finance, Management, Marketing
Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Part-Time, Internships Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Part-Time
tasus constellium
https://www.tasus.com/  https://www.constellium.com/ 
Majors of Interest:  Manufacturing Majors of Interest: Accounting, Computer Science/Information Systems, Engineering, Finance, Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Health Science
Opportunities Available:  Full-Time Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Co-Op, Internships



https://www.tva.gov/  https://www.una.edu/graduateonlineeducation/ 
Majors of Interest:  Engineering Internships Majors of Interest:  Master of Mathematics, GIS, and Applied
Manufacturing Engineering
Opportunities Available:  Engineering Internships Opportunities Available:  Online graduate degrees available and
at an affordable cost!



https://tiffinmotorhomes.com/  https://www.fitzmark.com/ 
Majors of Interest:  Engineering (manufacturing) Majors of Interest:  Accounting, Finance, Management,
Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Co-Op Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Internship



https://www.tronox.com/  https://www.tva.com/ 


Majors of Interest:  Industrial Hygiene

Majors of Interest:  Computer Information Systems, Computer
Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Systems Sustainability, Finance, GIS,  Management, Marketing, Math, Physics.
Opportunities Available:  Co-Op Opportunities Available:  Full-Time, Part-Time, Co-Op, Summer
una-msame tva-browns-ferry
https://una.edu/engineering-and-technology/graduate  https://www.tva.com 
Majors of Interest:  Applied Manufacturing Engineering Majors of Interest:  Project Management, Engineering,
Chemistry, HR, and Finance
Opportunities Available:  100% online engineering graduate degree Opportunities Available:  Spring and Summer Internships
rl-consulting nasa
www.rlconsultinginc.com  www.nasa.gov 
Majors of Interest:  Engineering Majors of Interest:  Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Computer
Science/Information Systems, Earth Systems Sustainability, Engineering, Finance
Opportunities Available:  Co-Op, Summer Internship, Full-Time Opportunities Available:  Co-Op and Internships