Recruiting and Selection Procedures

Requests to Fill a New/Vacant Position

All Requests to Fill/Advertise are created in the Online Employment System (OES) based on a position description. If a new staff position or faculty position is requested, the department requesting the position must send an updated position description to the Office of Human Resources who will create the position in the system. Once a position has been created or located in the system, the Request to Fill/Advertise is created by the immediate supervisor and/or the cost center head for the vacant position. The attached workflow document details the approvals required for the Request to Fill. Once the Request to Fill has been approved at all levels, the Office of Human Resources (HR) will post the position as directed.

Posting and Advertising

All vacancies are posted on the OES for a minimum of seven days.  The requesting department may designate the opening as a (1) Promotional Opportunity if it believes there may be current UNA employees who possess the required skills for the position.  If the position is identified as a Promotional Opportunity, it will be posted only on the UNA Online Employment System and will be open only to UNA employees, or as a (2) Job Vacancy which is a posting open to any applicant, and is, at minimum, posted on the UNA Online Employment System, advertised in the Times Daily newspaper if requested, posted on the UNA Employment Facebook page, posted on the UNA Employment Twitter Account, and emailed to the UNA Employment Posting List which includes all UNA faculty and staff.   Faculty positions are typically designated as open until filled.


As part of the Request to Fill, the requesting party lists advertising sources and attaches any separate advertising copy items.   Sources of advertising vary based on the level and scope of the vacant position.  The University has unlimited contracts with the following advertising sources:,, and the Minority Faculty Applicant Database (MFAD).  All faculty positions will be advertised in the aforementioned sources, and staff positions that are open for longer than seven days may also be posted in these sources.  Upon receipt of the approved Request to Fill, HR posts and advertises the position as requested.  The requesting department may also wish to list the position on various professional websites.  These websites should be listed in the field provided for “other advertising sources” with a note to indicate how to list the position on each site.

Search Committees

The Protocol for External Faculty/Staff Searches states that all external searches must use a search committee.  These committees should typically be made up of no more than nine and no less than five members, at least one of whom reflects diversity.  The names of search committee members must be provided to the Office of Human Resources at the time that a Request to Fill/Advertise is requested.   For Faculty positions, refer to the Faculty Handbook for specific instructions regarding the role and composition of search committees.

Screening Applications

Applications for open positions are received first by HR and are then forwarded to the Supervisor or Department Chair through the Online Employment System.  Applications are screened by the Online Employment System based on screening questions in each posting.  These questions are added based on the minimum qualifications for each position. Desired qualifications may also be gauged using the screening questions but should not be used to disqualify applicants.

Reviewing/Recommending for Interview

Applications are reviewed by the Search Committee.  Once the interview matrix has been created and approved, and interview candidates have been selected, the Supervisor or Department Chair will place the selected candidates’ statuses at the status of PENDING INTERVIEW APPROVAL BY DIRECTOR OF DIVERSITY & INSTITUTIONAL EQUITY.  The Director of Diversity & Institutional Equity (DDIE) will then receive an email that there are interviews that need approval.  The DDIE will review the applications and, if satisfied with the candidate makeup, will then forward the recommendations to the Vice President for approval.  The Vice President will then receive an email to approve interviews, review the applicants, and approve the interviews.  Once the VP places a candidate at a status of APPROVED FOR INTERVIEW, the Supervisor/Department Chair will receive an email that these candidates have been approved for interview.  The email will contain guidance regarding effective interviewing techniques as well as links to resources to assist in the interviewing process.  Candidates MAY NOT be contacted until the APPROVED FOR INTERVIEW email has been received.  Once all interviews have been approved, the hiring department may choose to set up their own interviews and notify HR ( of the interview times (preferred), or the hiring department may provide HR with interview dates/times and HR will set up interviews for them.

*Note: Once interview approval has been obtained through the Online Employment System for initial interviews, applicants can be interviewed as many times/ways as needed to determine the top candidate. 

Recommending a Candidate for Hire

Once all interviews have taken place and a final candidate has been identified, the Supervisor/Department Chair will place all unsuccessful candidates at inactive statuses such as NOT INTERVIEWED/NOT SELECTED or INTERVIEWED/NOT SELECTED.  This should be done before the successful candidate is placed at the status of RECOMMEND FOR HIRE and before a Hiring Proposal is initiated.  At this time, the Search Committee should complete the OES Search Summary Form and forward to the Director of Diversity & Institutional Equity and HR.

Second, once all unsuccessful candidates are placed at inactive statuses, the successful candidate’s status should be changed to RECOMMEND FOR HIRE.  After this has been done, a new link will appear under the candidate’s name that reads BEGIN HIRING PROPOSAL.  Click the link labeled BEGIN HIRING PROPOSAL.

Third, the Start Action link that applies to the position type is selected.  There are three options:  Start Action on a HIRING PROPOSAL FOR THE POSITION DESCRIPTION LISTED BELOW, Start Action on a FACULTY HIRING PROPOSAL, or Start Action on a HIRING PROPOSAL FOR A DIFFERENT POSITION DESCRIPTION.  In most cases, the first two will be the ones chosen.

Fourth, on the Hiring Proposal page, most of the recommended candidate’s personal information has been brought in by the system.  There will be some blanks on this proposal that will need to be filled in by the Supervisor/Department Chair before the Hiring Proposal can be sent to the next approval level.  Once the blanks have been populated on this page, the CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE button at the bottom of the screen should be selected.

The next page will show the completed Hiring Proposal and give the options to send to the next approval level.  Please see the approval levels below:

  • If a DEPARTMENT CHAIR, the next approval level is DEAN/DIRECTOR.
  • If a VICE PRESIDENT, the next approval level is HR.


  • If a SUPERVISOR, the next approval level is the DEAN/DIRECTOR.
  • If a DIRECTOR, the next approval level is the DIRECTOR OF DIVERSITY & INSTITUTIONAL EQUITY.
  • If a VICE PRESIDENT, the next approval level is HR.

Once a Hiring Proposal has been approved by all levels and sent to HR, HR will initiate a background check and create a contract for Staff positions only.  For Faculty positions, the VPAA’s office will prepare the contract upon receipt of the Hiring Proposal from the DDIE.  Once a faculty contract has been signed, HR will receive a copy and initiate a background check at that time.