Payroll Information

(also referenced in the Staff Handbook) 

Payroll Frequency:  All nonexempt employees are paid on a bi-weekly schedule.  Exempt employees are paid monthly.

Payroll Deductions: The University makes payroll deductions required by state and federal laws and court orders as well as voluntary deductions authorized by the employee and approved by the University.

Statement of Earnings and Deductions: Each payday, each university employee receives a copy of his or her statement of earnings and deductions as a part of his/her payroll check or direct deposit information. These figures reflect the employee's gross and net pay and deductions for the period as well as totals for the year.  This information can also be viewed at any time via Self Service Banner.

Direct Deposit:  A university employee may request the Payroll Office to deposit his/her payroll check directly to his/her bank.  Direct deposit can be made to more than one financial institution.  An employee may sign up for direct deposit by completing a direct deposit form and returning it to the Payroll Office.