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Dean's Office

Dr. Katie Kinney, Professor, Interim Dean
(ph) 256.765.4623
Dr. Katie Kinney

Dr. Beth Sewell, Associate Dean
(ph) 256.765.4578

Ms. Jennifer Murray, Coordinator of Graduate Enrollment and Support
(ph) 256.765.4718

Educator Preparation

Ms. Christy Waters, Director of Clinical Experiences
(ph) 256.765.4482

Ms. Betty Phillips, Director of Teacher Certification
(ph) 256.765.4860

Elementary Education

Ms. Lindsey Goode, Administrative Assistant                                
(ph) 256.765.4251
Dr. Trudy Abel, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.5610
Dr. Linda Armstrong, Professor, Interim Chair
(ph) 256.765.4230
Dr. Linda Armstron

Mrs. Madonna Choat, Instructor
(ph) 256.765.4728

Mrs. Madonna Choat
Dr. Lisa Clayton, Professor
(ph) 256.765.4732
Dr. Lisa Clayton
Dr. Lorie Johnson, Assistant Professor
(ph) 256.765.4723
Dr. Lorie Johnson

Dr. Natalia Kouraeva, Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Robert Young, Professor
(ph) 256.765.4327
Dr. Robert Young

Secondary Education

Ms. Alicia Brooks, Administrative Assistant                                                   
(ph) 256-765.4575
Dr. Leah Whitten, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.4686
Dr. Leah Whitten
Dr. Joy Brown, Professor
(ph) 256.765.4837
Joy Brown

Dr. Matthew Campbell, Assistant Professor

(ph) 256.765.4253


Dr. Jeff Cornelius, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.4619

Dr. Cornelius

Dr. Felecia Harris, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.4309


Dr. Lamont Maddox, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.5187

Lamont Maddox
Dr. Jessica Mitchell, Assistant Professor, Interim Department Chair
(ph) 256.765.5212
Jessica Mitchell

Dr. Gary Padgett, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.5842

Gary Padgett
Dr. Beth Sewell, Professor, Associate Dean
(ph) 256.765.4578

Counselor Education

Ms. Martha Frances Graham, Administrative Assistant
(ph) 256.765.4763
Dr. Quinn Pearson, Professor, Chair
(ph) 256.765.4643
Quinn Pearson
Dr. Sandra Loew, Professor                                                  
(ph) 256.765.4912
Sandra Loew
Dr. Karen Townsend, Professor
(ph) 256.765.5091
Karen Townsend

Health, Physical Education, & Recreation

Ms. Janet Jones, Senior Administrative Assistant
(ph) 256.765.4377
Dr. Matt Green, Professor, Interim Chair
(ph) 256.765.4554
Matt Green
Dr. Tom Coates, Visiting Professor
(ph) 256.765.4378
Tom Coates
Dr. Mike Hall, Professor
(ph) 256.765.4205
Mike Hall
Mr. Johnny Long, Visiting Professor
(ph) 256.765.4552
Johnny Long
Dr. Joyce McIntosh, Visiting Professor
(ph) 256.765.4553
Joyce McIntosh
Dr. Eric O'Neal, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.4555
Eric O'Neal
Dr. Lee Renfroe, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.4558
Lee Renfroe
Ms. Kathy Underwood, Assistant Professor
(ph) 256.765.4551