Frequently Asked Questions about Derby Day

Q. What is Derby Day?

A. Derby Day is an annual fundraising event hosted by President and Mrs. Kitts at Turtle Point Yacht and Country Club.  Derby Day is a Kentucky Derby theme event and watch party, reminiscent of a Kentucky Derby gala, without the travel! The money raised from the event will be used to benefit the UNA Foundation and helps provide the financial flexibility UNA needs to pursue endeavors that might not be available otherwise. It further allows UNA to provide better educational opportunities for our students and gives the financial leverage we need to be a first-choice institution for students in our region, country and world.   

Q. When and where is Derby Day?

A. Derby Day 2019 will take place at Turtle Point Yacht & Country Club.  The event will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019, from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Q. Who can attend Derby Day?

A. Derby Day is a ticketed event that is open to invited guests!  Please contact for more information.

Q. How much do Derby Day tickets cost?

A. Individual tickets to UNA Derby Day are $100 per person and can be purchased online or by calling 256-765-5214.

Tables can be purchased for $1,500, and will provide the purchaser with a total of 8 seats for themselves and guests.  To arrange for table purchases, contact

Q.  Will food and refreshments be provided?

A. Yes, Derby Day 2019 is a catered event with multiple beverage stations that will feature wine and beer, all included with your reservation. 

Q.  Will there be any entertainment?

A. Yes, Derby Day 2019 will have numerous activities and entertainment for patrons to enjoy. Event attendees will have the chance to watch derby races throughout the day on large screen TV’s that are designated for race viewing. We will have a hat contest, games, a photo station, live music and much more.  In addition, patrons can purchase “Derby Dollars” and use them to pay for photos and to choose their horse in the main event, all with the opportunity to win a wide array of prizes donated by many of our generous sponsors.

Q.  What are “Derby Dollars?”

A. “Derby Dollars” are money that can only be purchased at UNA Derby Day. Derby Dollars may be used to pick winners for certain contests and races and to purchase photos.  Each $10 in Derby Dollars is the equivalent of $10 U.S. dollars, and patrons will have the option to purchase “Derby Dollars” on the day of the event at the “Derby Dollars” tent. 

Q. Can we bet on the games or the actual Kentucky Derby race at the event?

A. No, betting is not permitted on the University of North Alabama campus.  Patrons will have the opportunity to choose a hat contest winner or horse with various amounts of “Derby Dollars,” but patrons will not be permitted to wager with their own money or “Derby Dollars.”

Q. Can I bring real money and use it at the event?

A.  Yes, you may bring real money to the event. However, real money may only be used at the Derby Dollar Tent to be exchanged for Derby Dollars.  Only Derby Dollars are marked with a specific number so that when a winner is drawn, we will know who they are. We encourage guests to buy “Derby Dollars” at the designated tent to participate in events for an opportunity to win a prize.

Q. What is the “Derby Dollars” tent?

A. The “Derby Dollars” tent is the area where you exchange real currency for “Derby Dollars” to be used for various Derby Day activities.  We will accept cash, check, debit or credit cards, and “Derby Dollars” will be sold in $10 denominations.  “Derby Dollars” are non-refundable; proceeds from the sale will count as a donation to the UNA Foundation.

Q. What is the Photo station?

A.  Pose for a picture taken by a professional photographer on the red carpet with a derby themed photo backdrop. Individual and group pictures will be offered. The price is $10 “Derby Dollars” per photo and guests will be sent the link to all of the photos after the event. 

Q. What should I wear to the event?

A. Guests are encouraged to wear Kentucky-Derby- style clothing.  For men this could include bow-ties, khakis or a seersucker suit.  Women typically wear sun dresses and are encouraged to wear a derby style hat.

Q. What is “The Track?”

A. “The Track” is simply the location of the ballot boxes for each horse competing in the Derby.  Patrons will have the option to vote for the horse they think will win the Derby using their “Derby Dollars.   Each horse ballot box has a prize associated with it.  So the more Derby Dollars you put in a horses’ ballot box, the greater the chance your name will be drawn for a prize if your horse wins!