Student Learning Goals and Assessment Data

The University of North Alabama and the College of Business are committed to delivering high quality programs to our students.   Assessment is conducted regularly to assure that these high standards are being met and to make improvements where they are warranted.  The assessment program includes both direct and indirect assessments handled both through the UNA Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment and through the College of Business Program Learning Goal Outcome Assessment process.  The links below provide data from each of these sources.

University Wide Assessment Information:

Institutional Effectiveness Assessment

College of Business Assessment Information:

BBA Assessment

BBA Learning Goals

2009-2017 BBA Assessment Results and Action Plans

MBA Assessment

MBA Learning Goals
2009-2017 MBA Assessment Results and Action Plans

EMBA Assessment

EMBA Learning Goals
2009-2017 EMBA Assessment Results and Action Plans

2017 Placement Data