Mission of the Centre for British Studies

The UNA Centre for British Studies promotes research and teaching in all aspects of British life: cultural, political, social and intellectual.  The CBS advocates an interdisciplinary approach to British Studies by bringing together scholars and apprentice scholars in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences and related fields.  The UNA Centre for British Studies seeks to promote greater understanding amongst the university community and academic community both at home and abroad by facilitating contacts amongst all who take an interest in Britain.

Research Opportunities

It is part of the mission of the University of North Alabama to “promote global awareness by offering a curriculum that advances understanding of global interdependence, by encouraging international travel, and by building a multinational student population.  The London Campus Program advances  these university priorities by allowing students to explore unique environments beyond the traditional classroom while maintaining the high academic standards set by UNA faculty, thereby facilitating the development of critical thinking and research skills in one of the world’s academic capitals.