Immediately After an Assault

What Should I do Now?

Make sure you are safe from further harm. Call someone you trust, such as a friend, your CA/RA, the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, the Rape Response, and/or the University Police Department.
  Do not bathe or douche. Do not eat or have anything to drink.  Try not to urinate if possible.
  • If oral contact took place, do not smoke, eat, or brush your teeth.

  • Go to the hospital emergency room. Medical attention is vital, as you may have injuries of which you are unaware. They can also test you for sexually transmitted diseases, and provide emergency contraception if desired.

  • If you've already changed clothes, place them in a paper bag (plastic destroys evidence). If you haven't changed, keep the original clothes on, and bring an extra set to wear home from the hospital. The police may need to keep your clothes for evidence.

You need not formally report the incident to seek medical attention or receive services from the university or from rape response. Use this link for information on seeking medical help.

"Working Together for a Safer Community"