Dr. Bill Huddleston Changes the Lives of His Students

Which professor changed your life?

When several of Dr. Huddleston’s students responded to this question, it became evident that he did more than just teach the curriculum. He helped his student set and reach their goals. Dr. Huddleston was known for his enthusiasm about Communications and his kind words of advice. Years later his students are still connected and call themselves the Huddleston Nation. Their experiences with Dr. Huddleston positively shaped their futures. Take a moment to read through their testimonials below by clicking each student’s name.


Dr. Huddleston’s Students’ Testimonials


Colleen Trousdale

Dr. Huddleston positively impacted mine and thousands of lives during his time as a professor and the Communications Department Chair at UNA.  


Jake Brasfield

Dr. Huddleston’s class was my last class at UNA before I graduated and I’ll never forget it. Dr. Huddleston cares.


Zack Miskel

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Wild Bill. How Huddleston Nation forever changed my life.


James Cochran

Dr. Bill Huddleston is a legend and stands fully deserving of the Faculty through the Years recognition.

Bethany Green

Instead, he was encouraging. He was patient with my concerns. And he said the one thing I needed to hear... "You're going to be great."