Strategic Plan


I.              Organizational and Membership Development
A.      Strengthen and revitalize existing alumni chapters as well as develop new chapters including departmental and international.
1.       Increase active chapter memberships by 10%.
2.      Increase Greek organization involvement including faculty, alumni, and current students.
3.      Encourage chapter members to form better relations with area school counselors.
4.      Mentor prospective and current UNA students as well as recent graduates.
B.       Cultivate and develop a knowledgeable NAA Board with a trained core of officers and members.
1.       Recruit new Board members who reflect diversity.
2.      Develop a rotation plan for annual chapter visits by Board members:
Year           Chapters
2007         10
2008         12
2009         14
2010          16
2011          18
3.      Host annual NAA Board Leadership Retreats including past UNA NAA Presidents for reviews of the Strategic Plan and identify annual initiatives.
II.           Alumni Events
A.      Expand and enhance alumni sponsored and co-sponsored events.
1.       Establish a presence at each graduation to promote long-term relationships with the University (lapel pins, car decals, etc.).
2.      Host Decade Reunions on a rotating basis:
Year                   Decade
2007                 1970’s
2008                 1980’s
2009                 1990’s
2010                  1950’s & 2000’s
2011                  1960’s
3.      Encourage faculty/staff involvement at alumni functions such as tent/chapter events.
B.       Offer diversified activities for participation and recognition of alumni.
1.       Invite alumni speakers to campus.
2.      Increase alumni involvement in spring activities such as the George Lindsey Film Festival, spring reunion weekends, and Fine Arts Festivals.
3.      Design Alumni Stars by identifying key alumni and establish a Walk/Wall of Fame.
C.      Add annual special project events (for scholarship purposes).
III.         Communication
A.      Allocate resources to identify all alumni and to reach them more frequently with clear, concise, cogent communication.
1.       Initiate website updates, streaming video and audio, chapter portals, and interactive contact information.
2.      Hire Webmaster and/or student interns to assist with alumni relations website and public relations.
3.      Increase current email addresses for alumni by 30% each year.
4.      Solicit and develop permanent email addresses for alumni.
B.       Improve media relationships
1.       Create a public relations position for each chapter.
2.      Develop strong relations with communications alumni.
A.      Pursue the establishment of a UNA NAA endowment.
B.       Explore new UNA NAA affinity programs.
C.      Establish an annual budget.
V.           FUNDRAISING
A.      Increase individual alumni membership contributions by 10% per year.
1.       Determine the feasibility of fees or dues.
2.      Increase the understanding for and promotion of annual giving and designations.
3.      Solicit alumni each year.
B.       Host large fundraising events such as concerts, balls, or galas.
C.      Seek corporate alumni connections/matching funds.
D.      Provide support for fundraising events of the University.
UNA NAA Five Year Strategic Plan Approved on February 24, 2007