Alumni Service Award Guidelines

Objective of Program:  To recognize and honor an alumnus and/or alumna of the University of North Alabama for their contributions to the University and the Alumni Association.

Program Description:  Basis of Selection for the Alumni Service Awards are listed in order of priority:

  • Loyalty and service to the University of North Alabama and the Alumni Association.
  • Character and personal life.
  • Professional achievement in chosen field of study or extraordinary success in chosen endeavor.

Alumni Service Awards consist of:

  • Community Service
  • Political Service
  • Faculty/Staff Alumni Service
  • Military Service
  • Educator of the Year
  • Friend of the University
  • Lifetime/Achievement

Nominations for the Alumni Service Awards may be made by any alumnus or alumna, or friend of the University; by any chapter of the Association; or by any member of the faculty or staff of the University of North Alabama, in writing, to the Office of Alumni Relations.  Nominations shall be kept for the selection committee for a period of two years inclusive of the year of nomination.  Any nominees not selected for the award within two years of nomination shall be deleted from the list of nominees but may be re-nominated.

Only alumni of the University of North Alabama shall be eligible to receive the awards, except the Friend of the University award.  It may be bestowed upon non-alumni. All awards may be made posthumously.  Not more than three awards will be given in each category. Nominees must have graduated from the University of North Alabama at least four years prior to the time of consideration by the selection committee.

A selection committee from the Alumni Association to select the recipients of these awards shall consist of the Alumni Association current President, a current executive board member, and 2-4 Board-at-large members.  Nominations for service awards may also be accepted via mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail.  Committee members are encouraged to make broad, diverse, and widespread suggestions and substantiate nominations.  The selection committee shall notify the Director of Alumni Relations of the name or names of the recipients of the awards prior to the printing of the homecoming brochure so that the award may be properly prepared for the time of presentation. 

All awards shall be in the form of a plaque, or engraved metal on wood, with suitable and appropriate wording, and with the name of the recipient and year of the award.  Presentation of the Alumni Service Awards is made at the annual Homecoming Awards Banquet. 

The military service awards will be given each year at homecoming to alumni who have served in the armed services of our country.  Preference will be given to select alumni awards in the Army/Marines, Navy/Coast Guard, and Air Force/Exploration of Space.