Alumni of the Year Guidelines

  • Any University of North Alabama alumnus, alumna, faculty member, or friend of the University may make nominations.
  • A person may make as many nominations as he/she desires
  • At least one, but not more than three recipients, will be selected each year.
  • The selections shall be made in the summer prior to the UNA Alumni Association Board meeting and the publication of the Homecoming brochure.  Recipients shall be honored at the annual Homecoming Awards Banquet, parade, alumni luncheon and pre-game show.
  • An award shall be presented to the recipient(s), and a large permanent plaque will be displayed in the Office of Alumni Relations with the name of each recipient to be engraved thereon.
  • Solicitations for nominations will begin in late spring and will include a notice in the spring edition of the UNA Magazine and a notice to members of the university community as well as continually encouraged on the Alumni Relations Web page.
  • Nominees must have graduated from the University of North Alabama at least four years prior to the time of consideration by the selection committee.
  • The selection committee will give serious consideration only to those nominees whose careers have been of highly credible nature or whose contributions to service endeavors have been significant.
  • A nominee not selected one year may be considered for future years, but will not be considered for more than five years unless he/she is nominated again.
  • Recipients of this recognition award will be ineligible for consideration in future years.
  • The selection committee shall consist of three officers of the Alumni Association, a past president, two members of the UNA Alumni Association to be appointed by the President of the Alumni Association, and one member of the University faculty or staff to be appointed by the President of the University. The President-Elect of the Alumni Association shall serve as Chairperson of the Selection Committee.
  • A person desiring to make a nomination should send the nominee's name, complete mailing address, and email address to:

Office of Alumni Relations
Alumni Association
UNA Box 5047
Florence, AL 35632-0001

Additionally, nominations may be e-mailed ( or sent directly through the UNA Alumni Relations web page.  The Office of Alumni Relations will contact the nominee and secure full biographical information.