Specific Standards in the Student Code of Conduct

Standard #2

Use, possession, manufacturing, or distribution of alcoholic beverages (except as expressly permitted by University regulations), or public intoxication. Alcoholic beverages may not, in any circumstance, be used by, possessed by or distributed to any person under twenty-one (21) years of age. 

A "three strikes and you're out" rule will be applied upon the third violation and will result in suspension for a minimum of one academic year.

Standard #6

A. Use, possession, manufacturing, or distribution of illegal drugs including but not limited to marijuana, narcotics, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, LSD, mushrooms, heroin, designer drugs such as Ecstasy and GHB, or other controlled substances are prohibited. Use or possession of prescription drugs other than for the person prescribed, or for use other than the prescribed purpose are prohibited. Possession or use of drug paraphernalia including but not limited to equipment, products, and materials used to cultivate, manufacture, distribute, or use illegal drugs are prohibited.

B.  Knowingly associating with a person while they are participating in the above-stated acts. 
Sanctions for drug violations may include drug education, mandated evaluation and treatment, community service, suspension, and/or expulsion. Student organizations that knowingly permit illegal drug activity will be excluded from campus for a minimum of one year.

University owned, operated, and/or controlled housing facilities operate on a ‘no tolerance’” drug standard.  As such, students found in drug violation who reside in these facilities will be removed and evicted from the residence.