Women of Influence

Dena Kitts * - Founder
Anonymous (1)
Susan Abroms
Lilia Alexander
Elaine Augustine
Michele Aycock
Bank Independent
Ann Battcher
Christie Bevis
Amy Bishop In Memory of Judy Jackson
Sheena Burgreen
Pat Burney
Patty Beard Byers
Barbara Cain
Penny Camp
Gaye Montgomery Choat *
Sybil Cleveland-Pennywell
Amy Darby
Creative Jewelers
Dynamic Dentistry of the Shoals *
Tina Erdmann
Amber Fite-Morgan
Debbie Garcia
Mary Leigh Gillespie *
Gail Guice
Laura Hamner
Kathy Haslam In memory of Sue Haslam
Andrea Hunt
Jan Ingle
Ann-Marie Irons
Judy Jackson *
Michelle Forsythe Jones
Melissa Kiel 
Patricia Lewis *
Jenna Looney
Monica Guy Marthaler
Susie Beale Martin
Kim O. Mauldin
Sarah McAbee
Cynthia McClanahan
June Montgomery
Shawn Nesbitt
Leslie Ouellette
Ana Maria Padgett
Sue Ann Parker
Deborah Bell Paseur
Lisa C. Patterson
Amber Paulk
Rita M. Prince
Nikki Randolph
Julie Rice *
Claudia Vance Ross
Nancy Sanford
Michele Scott
Laura Self
Debbie Shaw
Cherie Sibley
Suzie Shoemaker
Cheri Stanfield
June Strickland
Stacy Suggs
Stephanie Wagoner Teichmiller *
Katie Terry
Lucy C. Trousdale
Linda Kirby Vaughan
Dawn Victor-Herring
Christy Waters
Denise Watts
Anne Whitaker
Chatherine White
Tosha-Paige and Camilla Whitten
Elaine Witt

* Founder’s Club Members have committed to a minimum of $5,000 over a 5 year period