LC Instructors

Call for Instructors: First-Year Learning Communities

The Office of First Year Experience is piloting a new professional development opportunity: Learning Communities (LCs). We are recruiting faculty to teach between 5-8 Learning Communities for Fall 2021. LCs will consist of a linked group of three courses: two faculty members will teach a General Education course in their respective fields and together team-teach First Year Experience course. LCs will have an organizing theme or interest area and offer integrative learning opportunities through a shared experiential learning project.

 Faculty can benefit in many ways from participating in LCs, including:

  • Developing relationships with students who have similar interests
  • Getting to know a colleague better and the opportunity for interdisciplinary relationships
  • Funds for experiential learning projects in the LC classroom
  • Opportunity to implement integrative learning
  • Research has shown that faculty feel greater teaching satisfaction when participating in an LC (Wagner et al, 2014).

This year, we are seeking First-Year learning proposals that explore topics and themes around equity and inclusion in learning and teaching. Themes crafted around general education courses are advised and recommended. Examples of desired LCs include but are not limited to:

  • First-generation students
  • Diversity and Social Justice
  • Athletics and Wellness
  • Leadership and Service
  • Sustainability
  • Global commitment
  • Pre-professional interest areas (Pre-Health, Pre-law, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Business)
  • Gender Inclusivity

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee that will include staff from the Office of First Year Experience, the Council of Associate Deans and Directors, and the Senior Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs.  Faculty can submit an individual application and we will try to pair you with another faculty member with similar interests.  Two faculty members who wish to teach together in an LC (and who are from different academic departments/areas) can submit a joint application.

Each LC must:

  • Have a common theme, question, or concern
  • Have each course address the common theme through coursework
  • Offer integrative learning through a shared experiential learning project, field trip, or service activity
  • Include diversity in course content
  • Have a reflective assignment at the end of the semester
  • As with all FYE courses, learning community courses will be expected to have course materials (or a strong presence) in Canvas
  • Work with ETS to ensure course design is consistent with QM and UNA online course design standards.

The following selection criteria will be used to evaluate proposals:

Relevance: The topics relates to inclusive, creative, and innovative teaching practices for first year students and meets the above requirements.

Applicability: The learning community and/or first year experience seminar is likely to appeal to a wide range of First-Year students from different disciplines.

Utility: The learning community and/or first year seminar experience is likely to generate ideas, strategies, or techniques that will benefit the members of the learning community and/or first year seminar.


The next call for FYLC proposals will be January 2022.