The UNA Alma Mater

UNA’s current Alma Mater was adopted in 1929, when the University was known as Florence State Teachers College. The text was written by Bess Mary Crider, an alumnus who served on the FSTC English faculty from 1927 to 1930.

The tune, now often referenced as “Far Above Cayuga’s Waters,” was adopted by Cornell University as their Alma Mater in 1872. The melody is originally entitled “Annie Lisle,” written by H.S. Thompson in 1860. Many schools have adopted this tune for their Alma Mater, including the University of Alabama. The arrangement currently used by UNA was penned in 2005 by Dr. Bob Garfrerick, Chair of the University’s Department of Entertainment Industry, and was re-set by Dr. Lloyd E. Jones, Professor in Music and Director of UNA’s Bands, in 2006.

In the sunny heart of Dixie,
On the Tennessee,
Stands the school we owe all honor,
Love and loyalty.

Happy days within thy portals
Bless our memory;
Friendships dear and truths immortal,
We have found in thee.

Through the future generations
Honored by thy name;
May thy sons and daughters bring thee
Everlasting fame.

Alma Mater, Alma Mater;
Bring we homage due;
Pledge we here our heart’s devotion
To our colors true

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